A Stage Is Antique Idea While Open Reception Setups Are Something Quite Interesting!

It’s your wedding and yes, you are the centre point of attraction among all the guests present on wedding to share their happiness and shower their blessings on you. A decorative stage is quite good platform to be the guests attention that is mostly reception parties have in common. If you are a kind of person who has always been fascinated by limelight then hit the stage of your reception. At the same time if you are thinking of something more interesting and cheerful then you can go for open reception setup. Keeping stage less rather gives more chances to freely enjoy your own wedding. Open air reception is something which you will definitely enjoy which in turn would be cost saving too.

This is a great idea for your wedding or reception, when you really want to involve yourself among your loved ones instead of standing like some mannequins on display. An open setup has that aura spreading love and happiness everywhere. Also it will feel more spaceous and exuberant.

Stage less wedding decor would be more fun-filled.  You can add your hashtag to get that quirky and pretty backdrop which will look amazing and giving you more moments to cherish no matter how lavish or simple the decor is.

So do you reached to any point? It will be a best alternative yet different and unique for your reception. Get ready to hit the stage, oops no, to mingle the crowd!


Photography By Hitched & Clicked

Decoration By Jashnn Signature Wedding

Decoration By Frozen Apple Wedding

Decoration By Tanvi & Co.

Decoration By Urbana Wedding & Events

Photography By The Wedding Story

Decoration By Theme Props

Decoration By Urbana Wedding & Events

Photography By Hitched & Clicked

Decoration By Humsafar Wedding

Decoration By Jashnn Signature Wedding

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