A Dream Proposal Led By A Beautiful Wedding!

A random Facebook conversation happened around 3 years ago which rang a bell in my head, when a friend of mine mentioned the name “Shahrukh Merchant” and coaxed me into going for a date with him. I remember speaking to him once three years ago on Facebook, and stopped replying when he asked me out on a date.
This time I decided to give him a fair chance and we started speaking which lasted for about a month, before I finally agreed to go on our first date. In the meanwhile, he had contacted my best friend and given the details about himself as well as discussed how our lives would be together if we hypothetically got married. For me this was extremely overwhelming and it also showed that he wasn’t afraid of commitment at all.

Our first date lasted for around 4 hours and we spoke about everything there is under the moon to discuss. That very day I developed a very positive feeling about US as he kept on mentioning the word “US” whenever he talked futuristically and this really made me feel some kind of way. We dated for around 6 months until he popped the question.
He proposed to me e in Bahrain into the first week of the new decade, on a private beach. I was clueless about what was he up to all along. He just told me that we were going on a date and I was all dolled up, standing in front of a setup which was straight out of my dreams. It was every tiny detail that I had spoken to him, from roses to fairy lights to the most stunning sunset view lead to my dream proposal spot. The next thing I know was that he gave the most heartfelt speech and went down on his knees asking me to “marry him”. I was really emotional and overwhelmed by this is whole gesture and could have never asked for a proposal better than this.

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