10 Best Ways To Loose Weight Without Dieting

How to loose weight without dieting is something that lot of people are looking for, as busy schedule leaves them with little or no time to exercise. Being healthy is the key to success and we believe that there are better and healthier alternatives to dieting, joining gym and other weight loss programs.

The most effective way to lose weight is to train ourselves to eat better.  Here are some useful tips to lose weight without dieting:

1. Stop Dieting, Start Nourishing: try and understand what your body needs. There might be some essential nutrients that it may be lacking in. fulfilling those essential vitamins and nutrients through supplements or high quality rich diet  will curb your extra food binging and cravings thus helping you have a healthy and fit body.


2. Proper Digestion: A bad digestive system might not be able to pull out the nutrients from food making your body become deficient in essential nutrients. Digestion problems also lead to low metabolism making your bodies go into fat storage mode. Eating unprocessed (no packaged foods, canned foods) and freshly cooked foods, taking probiotics and digestive enzymes (like yakult, nutrifit etc) can help normalize digestion and thus have a healthy body.


3. Detoxifying your body: Due to our unhealthy eating lifestyle a lot of toxins get stored in our body over a period of time. Getting rid of those toxins can help you lose weight much faster. Drinking water is not sufficient. In taking other alkaline liquids like water with lemon juice, green tea, fresh juices and consuming lots of green veggies, salads and sprouts flushes out the toxins from the body making you slimmer and healthier.


4. Veggies & Whole grains – Eat more weigh less : Eating more fruits and vegetables is a great way to lose weight. Whole grains such as brown rice, barley, oats and wheat are also the low calorie but super healthy food.Their rich high fiber and water content will fill you up without adding calories. Cooking them in less oil and sauces will help cut down on the fat.


5. Set meal timer : be a slow eater and don’t rush through your food. set a 20min timer and try and consume your food in that time.  Dieticians and nutritionists say that brain needs some time to process the “I’m full” message. If you eat fast you tend to over eat and eating slowly makes you feel more fuller reducing your cravings.

6. Small plate size : Reducing the plate size even though only slightly, makes you eat less without you even realizing it, thus reducing your calorie intake.


7. 80-20 rule : Instead of eating till you are stuffed and uneasy, try and eat  till you are 80% full. This will make you feel more active and healthy thus helping you to keep your weight in check.


8. Home food: cut down on calories and fats by avoiding eating out. A survey shows that people who eat more home cooked food tend to lose weight much faster than the ones who eat out.


9. Slim Down Servings:  Increase in the number of meals per day and decrease in the amount eaten per meal works significantly. Extend your eating plan from three large meals to five small meals throughout the day. This practice supports metabolism and is a positive step towards being lean.


10. Stay hydrated:  When our body is dehydrated we often feel hungry.  A simple glass of water can stop those hunger pangs. So, developing a habit of drinking, ideally, eight glasses of water daily help in losing weight and getting rid of toxins.



Eating right is the best way to stay healthy as well as loose weight.  Get started now !

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