Why makeO’s bridal makeOver is better for brides? (makeO vs. salon) 

A wedding is one of the most important days in almost every woman’s life. Most of us look forward to it and dream about what a perfect wedding will look like. And one of the top priorities is obviously how you will look as a bride. Obviously, the best.

 And for that, you might end up taking several rounds of salon treatments for facials and bridal treatments, which can be really exhausting and tire you out. But what if I told you that you could get all of the services of a bridal makeOver in the comfort of your own home, completely tailored to your skin type? Yes, you heard it right, brides. skinnsi is a subsidiary of makeO which has developed innovative services such as bringing a bridal makeOver to your door with expert guidance because guess what? It is backed by dermatologists.

 So why worry, beauties? Pose fearlessly for those pictures because makeO has got your back when it comes to getting glowing skin! 

How is makeO different?

skinnsi by makeO is highly specialized in skin care and has experienced dermats to give you a proper bridal makeOver. makeO offers a variety of services that are super convenient. Do you know what distinguishes a makeO bridal makeOver from other salon makeOvers?

  • Credibly Dermat-Backed: All makeO products, facials, and treatments are Dermat-Backed.The treatments are 100 percent safe and have no side effects in the long run. So no breakouts after the wedding, either.
  • Comfortable Home Service: makeO provides all its services in the comfort of your home. So you are properly relaxed and have a great makeOver without stepping out.
  • Packed with advanced technology: makeO ensures the use of safe and advanced technology for skin treatment and bridal makeOvers that will not have a negative effect on your skin later. So say goodbye to all that pain and redness, which is a complete nightmare for brides.
  • Excellent customer service: makeO takes proper care of its customers. With great customer care, you can easily reach them via the makeO app for any queries and suggestions. They are always at your service to give you the best.
  • Pocket-friendly services: makeO provides all these great makeOver facilities at a very pocket-friendly price, so you don’t have to burn your pockets to enjoy these customized services.
  • Personalized care made for you: Rather than suggesting some basic products, makeO and its team of experts customize your makeOver according to your skin and your needs.

makeO is a one-stop shop for brides who want to look their best on their wedding day without sacrificing their skin. You can reach them and sign up for a trial session. You can also contact customer care. makeO is also available as an app for convenience. You can also reach out to their Instagram account for more information.

What makes makeO different from the salon? 

You must be wondering why I chose makeO when everyone is going to salons for their makeOvers. Well, that’s the point where the salon gives a general makeOver to all the brides without considering that every skin is different. 

  • makeO has a team of experts and experienced professionals who will custom-make your makeOver plan based on your skin type and advise you on your skincare until the wedding, as opposed to treating you with the same products and facial kits done in a salon.
  • makeO takes proper care of the hygiene of the staff working with customers and the tools used in the treatments. Every tool is sterilized, and single-use tools are disposed of immediately, which does not happen often in salons.
  • Rather than using market creams, makeO uses products that have been specifically designed for specific treatments by experts.
  • makeO ensures that every product used for treatment does not have any kind of side effect on your skin. makeO takes special care to find what is right for your skin rather than using harmful chemicals in any cream.
  • makeO offers its customers an easy payment option via No-cost EMI, unlike salons where you may have to pay a large sum all at once.

How to book an appointment with makeO?

You can begin by registering on the makeO website. Once you have registered yourself, you will see various packages for different skin treatments.

To book an appointment, you can visit the bride-to-be page of makeO. You can select the number of sessions you want, and you are good to go.

The therapist from makeO will visit your place to do a proper analysis of your skin and talk about what your skin goals are and what you want to improve.

The therapist will share the information with our dermatologists, who will suggest the proper, customized treatment based on your skin condition and your goals.

Once you have received your treatment plan, you are all set to get that glowing bridal makeover. 

How much makeO bridal makeOver costs?

MakeO provides all these excellent services at a very cost-effective price. For the bride makeover, there is a different bride to be section under which a session costs 13,999 rupees. It will include full body polishing, which will leave you with glowing skin for your big day. 

There is also the option to book four sessions in case your skin needs extra care and nourishment. The sessions will not make your pocket bleed, as they are really worth the radiant glow you get after your makeOver. For the convenience of the customer, makeO also has a No-Cost-EMI option where you can pay for sessions in easy installments with no interest.

So, brides, why do so much hustling for glowing, radiant skin on your wedding when you can have it in the comfort of your own home, all pre-planned? You can focus on enjoying this special time while makeO takes care of your skin.

 So, if you think makeO for Bridal is a one-stop shop, go check it out and make an appointment right away. 

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