When Shoes Speak Louder Than Words : Gorgeous Wedding Footwears We Couldn’t Ignore!

The journey of a thousand miles…begins with a fabulous pair of shoes 🙂 !!! And we so believe that… 🙂  With the new age bride and groom becoming more fashion savvy every day… we love the experiments they do with their wedding shoes… from flat maujris to floral stilettos to Swarovski embedded patterns to the colourful play of our very own desi style… only sky is the limit. Here are some wedding shoes that we just could not ignore… !

@Design Aqua


@Ankit Mishra Photoworks

@Art Capture Production

@Our Wedding Chapter

@The Photo Diary

@Going Bananas Photography

@CoolBluez Photography

@The Story Weavers

@Rahul de Cunha Pictures (Goa)


@Cupcake Productions

@CoolBluez Photography

@The Wedding Story

@Mahima Bhatia Photography

We hope a glimpse of these can help you take decision for your own shoes… a bigggg best of luck 🙂 !!!!

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