5 Things To Discuss With Your Partner Before Marrying

When it comes to spending your entire life with a person its very important to understand if your ‘would- be better half’ is physically, socially and psychologically compatible with you. There are numerous issues in a relationship that have to be dealt with, before tying the knot, as wedding also comes with a series of understandings and compromises that one needs to make in order to live with the person you love, or are willing to fall in love with.

To begin with :

Faith or Beliefs :

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This is possibly the most important thing that needs to be discussed as it concerns the most internal part of your personality. It is essential for your partner to understand the basis of your moral values and you both need to find out:

  • Do you have a common ground on which you can come together?
  • What are the major differences or issues of contention?

Children :

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It is very necessary to have a mutual understanding when it comes to family planning…

  • When and how many children do you plan to have
  • Make sure your spouse does not rush you into having children. You might want to take some time and be mentally prepared for it…
  • Would your spouse be accommodating if any biological issue arises and makes it incapable for either one of you to have a baby
  • What about their schooling and faith?
  • How will you make time for your marriage when you have children?
  • Will they become your new priority?

Money :

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In some marriages when both the partners are earning, disagreements can happen on the way you handle finance. To save misunderstanding, some couples divide the finances amongst themselves. Therefore its very important if you talk and clarify certain things right at the beginning. Some of these issues are:

  • Maintaining bank accounts – Creating joints accounts, separate Accounts or a combination of both.
  • Spending habits : If you both have opposite spending habits, you being strict and your spouse a spendthrift.
  • Who will take care of what expense, when it comes to paying the bills.

Career :


You have to agree to accept each other’s careers and discuss how they will affect your family.

  • What happens if your spouse is offered a job in a different city?
  • How much quality time to you expect to spend with your spouse when they are working long hours or have demanding projects?
  • Can he/she understand when you feel neglected?

Roles & Responsibilities :

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You have to be clear and discuss amongst each other if you feel that there are roles which are completely specific because of the gender you have.

  • Would the Husband like a working wife?
  • The amount of input of both of you will put in household-chores.
  • The responsibility of taking care of financial matters and paying of bills.
  • Do you plan to have a nuclear or joint family.

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  • Bipin November 29, 2013

    In the beginning, it becomes really difficult for both the guy and the girl to interact with each other. But it is very important for both of them to discuss few points which helps them making there future perfect. I guess, all the major points are rightly mentioned here and instead of hesitating, they should make sure that they discuss all these points and implement them accourdingly.

  • ALOK BHATLA November 29, 2013

    Good article. Nicely explained. Really motivating. Will surely implement them.

  • Amrita Pandey November 29, 2013

    I think discussing your likes and dislikes is very important and don’t get disheartened if few of them are not matching. We should always keep few of ours and respect few of there’s likes and that is how we make a strong relationship. Adjustments and few compromises from both the end is the key to a perfect life.

  • Shivam December 3, 2013

    Very nice article. Much required info for a would be couple.

  • geetartha December 10, 2013

    Hi.. I wanted 2 discuss sumthin.. i got engaged few months bak but till date m unable 2 get out of dat shell 2 discuss abt our future n lyf n abt wat ol v want frm each oda with my fiance.plz suggest me how to break dat wall of shyness n talk abt d much imp. things.

  • Priyanka Roy December 12, 2013

    Thanks for sharing your ideas. Much required tips to know each other well and make each other comfortable.

  • Sudhanshu December 21, 2013

    I think “TRUST” is the key to a successful relationship. To build up that trust, one should be open enough to share all their thoughts and deeds to their partners, so that their is no scope of issues between the two.

  • Sonam Jha January 10, 2014

    Earlier, people didn’t have the option of sharing and discussing anything before marriage but nowadays, people are quite open to do so. So, all the above mentioned points are must to discuss before the marriage so as to know each other better and plan your future in a perfect way.

  • Tushar Kapoor January 15, 2014

    In relationship, “Trust” is the main factor which plays the most important role. But to build up that trust, a healthy conversation and discussion about each other’s life is very important. So to start up a great relation, discuss the most with your would be and you have a long way to go…!!!

  • Prishula June 26, 2015

    Thanks a lot for sharing these points with us..These points are really very imp. for any relationship to work out the best.

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