7 Awesome First Time Meeting Tips !

So, you are meeting for the first time ! Feeling the jitters all around ! All prepared with your dress, the date and the venue!

Here are some tips that can help you overcome the excitement and present yourself for a prospective happy and long relationship.

1. Appearance – time to spend a few hours on your looks! 

Make sure you care for the meeting by dressing special to give a pleasant and neat appearance. But remember not to overdo the dressing part with super fancy, baggy or glittering appearance and scare them off. Sport a simple hygienic look. Some checklist on appearance would be your nails, dandruff on clothes and body odour. Show the real you in a realistic manner.

2. Environment – choose the place you are comfortable!

To choose a venue, pick one that is comfortable and does not make you both feel awkward. A romantic setting that gives a pleasant feel will be best. Candle light romantic dinner can be a little too romantic for a first time meet. Just a casual place like a coffee shop, your favourite restaurant or a park or any common place that is both vibrant and lively that still gives you the needed personal space can be a great choice.


3. Conversation – allow the words to keep coming!

  • Prepare the conversation topics beforehand. This will help avoid awkward silences and stupid remarks.
  • Don’t bombard the other person with questions.
  • Introduce yourself and start by asking their name and then ask what it means.
  • Talk about your likes and dislikes with the other person. Its a great way to know each other.
  • Converse on similar tastes and hobbies.
  • Be truthful on your side. Its the best strategy.


4. Comfort Zone:

Try and make the other person feel at ease. Be it food, place of sitting or choice of conversation topic, let it be a mutual pick. Do not dominate. The other person might be shy and giving him/her space to be comfortable might lead to a pleasant meeting.

5. Past is not the thing of present!

Never ask about the other person’s past. The past is not something that you need to discuss on your first meet. You are here to start a new relationship and look into the future with hope and smiles. However if you feel like telling about your past, you may go ahead but don’t force your partner on that. Gain their trust to get access to the depths of their hearts.

6. Let’s talk about families too!

Do talk about your families and how much they mean to you. Respect the other person’s parents and family culture even if its unfamilar to you. Discuss on religious faiths and beliefs if it matters.

7. Listen more!

Yeah, listen. Being a good listener is a key to a successful relationship. Speak about your future plans and listen to theirs.


Go with the flow and don’t get all nervous if you have forgotten your lines. Mistakes can happen but don’t spoil a wonderful relationship you can have by passing out on nervousness. The first date is special not because it is extravagant as it lets you both take the first step in a long journey together.

And don’t forget to fix on how you intend to make your second meeting. Wish you all the best.

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  • urvashi May 19, 2015

    That’s remind me of my first date with him … Beautiful !

  • Naman June 16, 2015

    Seen this blog at a very appropriate time as i also have to meet one in 2-3 days. Thanks writer..

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