The Story Of How Rishabh And Amisha Became Raisha

Story Of Rishabh &  Amisha

I have known Rishabh since childhood as we are family friends. Back then, we just hated the sight of each other like anything. After a long time, we happened to meet each other at a common relatives wedding. This is where we clicked and started off on pretty decent talking terms. By the end of the function, we shared our numbers. Slowly we began chatting over social media and started calling each other occasionally. So, practically, we started off as enemies then became friends and then became best of friends.

In the year 2017, we realised we were more than ‘just good friends’ and got into a relationship. The funniest part being that all the while we two were bonding as best friends, we were officially dating other people. I believe the universe had different plans for us. Slowly our friendship matured and nurtured over time into something immensely so beautiful and pure. After dating for a while we took the greatest decision of our lives and tied into a splendid wedding testimony in the year 2020.

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