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6 Bridal Outfits Designed By A Mother For Her Daughter Is The Sweetest Wedding Gift Ever!

They say that some bonds defy time, logic and distance. We, Meghna Bhutra and Aishu Khandelwal had never expected to end up together forever as well. Having been close friends since childhood, we’ve always stayed in touch despite living in different parts of the world. But neither of us were prepared when serendipity hit us, […]

The 5 Must Have Props For Your Pre Wedding Shoot!!!

A wedding is never complete without a pre wedding shoot of the beautiful couple. Couples all around the world are coming up with beautiful, quirky and cute ideas. A pre wedding shoot can be executed with a couple of cute crops to make you strike that ultimate pose with your loved one. So, get under […]

Car Decor Ideas

Who says your prince charming will come riding on a horse?  Nowadays, you will find one riding on a breathtakingly beautiful car and that will be enough to sweep his bride off her feet.  A beautiful decorated car adds to the grandeur and sartorial night. People are coming up with all the creative ideas to […]

Pre-Wedding Shoot With Car Is Forever!

Who could’ve guessed that cars will become a big prop for pre wedding shoot? From taxi to vintage cars, couples are using cars to express their love and their relationship in a very sporty, stylish and quirky ways. So, take a ride with your partner or bring your loving pet with you , here are […]

A Pre Wedding Shoot From Phone !!! The Vision Behind Capturing A Story

When we first looked at the pictures we were just not ready to believe that they have been shot by a phone… well of course we had seen advertisements and hoardings of i phones and samsung boasting of their camera quality but one thing is for sure, besides the camera, it is the eye for […]

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