Some Quirky Additions to the Dessert Table at an Indian Wedding (Other Than Sweets)

When it comes to dessert, an Indian wedding takes the crown for the most delicious options. From local favorites to sweets known worldwide, our dessert game is strong. But today, we’re going to highlight some fun and quirky additions to the dessert table that go beyond the usual sweets. So, get ready for a tasty ride where each bite is a sweet memory in the making at the wedding!

Live Paan Station

You can offer personalised Paans with betel leaves, areca nuts, and sweet fillings or maybe the public stunts of fire paan for daring guests.

Via: The Paan Story

Rabdi Falooda

This classic treat adds a comforting and traditional charm, making it a delightful addition for guests to savour and reminisce about the rich, cultural sweetness of Indian celebrations.

Via: Kulfi King

Ice Creams Rolls

Ditch the usual ice cream, amp up your wedding table with ice cream rolls. Give your guests a cool and customisable treat.

Via: Kulfi King


This desi delight, rich with flavours like cardamom, pistachio, and saffron, offers a cool respite amidst the festivities. 

Via: Kulfi King

Cupcake Delights

Wrap it up with cupcakes – easy to grab, easy to munch. From cardamom and saffron to chocolate hazelnut, they’re like tiny bites of joy that don’t need a big intro.

Via: The Baker Next Door

Cute Customised Popsicles

Think fruity, creamy, or maybe a mix of both. These popsicles are fun sticks that guests (especially kids) will love.

Via: Nicky’s Cafe & Fine Pastries

Macaron Tower

Not so indian but definitely creative. Those dainty, colourful delights are not just Instagram-worthy but also a light, sweet way to cap off the dessert feast.

Via: Indulgence

Ice Gola

How can we forget our childhood treat? This colourful and flavour-packed treat, drizzled with tangy syrups and spices, brings a playful and nostalgic vibe to your dessert table. 

Via: Kulfi King

As guests enjoy these treats, the dessert table becomes a sweet reflection of the couple’s story and the joy of the wedding celebration. 

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