Bridal Lehnga:5 Incredible Tips For Your Body & Complexion

An ideal wedding dress is a dream of every Bride, and is planned even way before the engagement. While selecting the ideal wedding lehnga and saree, the things which one must consider are quality, price, design, latest trends, and not to forget your complexion and body shape. There are various wedding lehnga and saree shops where one can go and explore the best option according to their body and complexion.

Get To Know Your Body

There are basically five types of body shapes:

  1. The heavy-Bottom type or the ‘Pear shaped : Do not choose a hip hugging dress, choose a bridal wedding lehenga with simple and straight cuts. While wearing a sari do not go for the heavy bordered ones and choose a light printed sari, as bold prints will add more volume to your shape and frame.
  2. The heavy on top shape : Do not choose a hip hugging lehenga for marriage, choose a dress with simple and straight cuts. While wearing a sari do not go for the heavy bordered ones and choose a light printed sari, as bold prints will add more volume to your shape and frame.
  3. The perfect shape or the ‘Hour-glass shape’ Wow! You’re the lucky one! : With this kind of figure almost all types of dresses would suit you, and you have to select your dress keeping in mind your height, and complexion.
  4. The slim shape : If you are of the slim figure then choose a dress that would add volume to your frame, for this lehnga or saree made of tissue cloth or cloth which gives a baggy fit would do. The same holds true if you are wearing a gown, you can go for fluffy , balloon look around your waist giving you a fuller look.
  5. The Heavy from all sides shape : For these shapes avoid any kinds of pleated or flared clothing or bold prints also horizontal lines, prefer single color attires, vertical line dresses, slender heels, avoid chunky jewelry.10 (3)

Your Complexion
Colors play a vital role in enhancing or diminishing your complexion. Every color has a different effect on skin tone. Complexions can be categorized into 3 major types. To know what skin tone you have just take a look at your inner thigh or inner arm.

  1. Very Fair skinned people : It is preferable that dark and rich colors are worn if the skin tone is fair. Some other colors that can be experimented with are White, Pink or shades of Blue. Try to avoid shades of brown.
  2. Fair Skin : Wear neutral colors, Try avoiding bright colors if you have ‘warmer’ skin tone. Best colors for you are, Cool Pink, blue, yellow pastels.
  3. Gold or Brown undertones : For Wheaties skin tone it is best to wear rich and warm colors like shades of Orange, gold and brown, and shades of grey in lighter colors. Avoid bright colors and pastels.
  4. Dark undertone : Wear pale colors, such as shades of yellow and blue. For brighter colors, wear true reds and bright greens. Avoid black and white.123

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  • Dipika Singh November 29, 2013

    Every bride wants to look best on the wedding day. So, it is very important for her to choose the perfect attire according to her body and complexion. This article is a good medium for the would be brides to know what is right and what not before they choose there wedding lehenga.

  • Annu November 29, 2013

    All the points mentioned above are just perfect in choosing the right lehenga for the wedding. Really liked the article alot.

  • Anjali Sachdeva December 4, 2013

    Very nice blog… Vil b a gr8 help in choosing the ryt attire for my sister’s wedding. Thanks for such a nice information n plz keep updating such blogs.

  • Riddhi December 6, 2013

    These days it has not become mandatory to wear only red or mehroon colored lehengas. Brides have started wearing different and new colors to give them a trendy look. This article is a good platform to guide the brides to choose the best to wear for their wedding.

  • Lipi Aggarwal December 12, 2013

    I liked the way you have beautifully explained what suits whom. It would be a very big help for all the would be brides to choose there wedding lehenga. Thanks and keep writing.

  • Shivi Kapoor December 23, 2013

    It is very important for a bride to choose her attire according to her physique. The suggestions are very informative for all the would be brides in choosing their wedding lehengas. Very nice article. i love it!

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