Make-up Tips For Different Eye Shapes

While Eye make-up is crucial to complete the entire look, it is equally important to wear the right kind of make-up and use of precise colors keeping in mind the natural eye shape to enhance their beauty. Here are few common eye shapes and the tricks to make the most of the shapes you are blessed with.

The Single-lid or Mono-lid shape:

  • Mono-lids do not have much crease; this gives ample space to create illusion and definition.
  • Start the shade blending with the darkest colors very close to the upper eyelash line, use soft nude hues in the middle part and shiny lightest shade closest to the brow bone. It is very important to focus on the lashes to complete the look. Use enough Mascara and eye-liner on the lower lid.

Mono-lid shape eye makeup.weddingplz

The Deep-set Eyes:

  • This shape generally gives the illusion of massive brow bone, since the eyes are large and set deep into the skull.
  • Since there is hardly any visible space between the lid and the brow, it is advised that illuminating shades of silver and gold may be applied under the arches of the brow. With warm hues of metallic shades on the lid. The ends of the eye-lashes require an attention of water-proof mascara to avoid the smudge, since they are likely to graze on the lids.

Deep-set Eyes makeup.weddingplz

The Protruding/Bulging Eye:

  • The eye balls are protruding and the lids are projected out and appear bulgy. The bulge in the upper lid gives a lot of area to blend the colors.
  • To precede the space between the large upper-lid, it is preferred to blend the darker shade at the ends of the lid. With soft warm hues on the inner corners of the eye-lids. If the space between the eye-lid and the eyebrow is less, lighter metallic shades are to be applied to give an illusion of high-brow. A thick liner along the upper eye-lash would add more definition to the overall look.

Bulging Eye Makeup.weddingplz

The Hooded Eyelids:

  • There is an extra layer of skin drooping above the crease completely hiding off the lid.
  • Since the upper lid is completely hidden beneath hooded layer of skin, try shade above the crease and use lighter shades on the lid which is below the crease so as to make the lid look wider. Try to avoid any dark shade on the lid. Use a light-color eyebrow pencil at the top waterline to enlarge the shape of the eye. Try to use additional mascara on the lower eye-lash.

Hooded Eye Makeup.weddingplz

The Almond Shape: 

  • You can identify an Almond shape eye or otherwise known as ‘Upturned eye’ by the slight lift at the outer corner of the eye. In this case, the lower eye-lid looks longer then the upper lid.
  • It is recommended that to even out the lift at the outer corner, one must apply darker shades or pencil at the outer corner. Since the lower lash looks longer, it is required that the lower waterline is smudged with a dark color pencil. At the inner corner use lighter shades.

Almond Shape Eye Makeup.weddingplz

The Down-turned Eye:

  • As the name suggests the eye with a slight droop at the outer corner is the Down-turned eye.
  • This shape is ideal for what is known as the Cat’s eye shape. Play around with the eyeliner, making a thick line at the outer edge and giving the out edge a 45 degree wing. Use darker shades at the inner corner and light metallic colors are to be applied at the outer corner.

Down-turned Eye Makeup.weddingplz

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