7 Best Places for Bridal Mehendi in Delhi!

The quintessential part of every Indian bride’s persona, without which the whole of bridal look remains incomplete is the Mehndi/ Henna. It’s not just the bride who is in dire need of an amazing Mehndi artist, but the entire gang of the bride’s maids, the Moms, the Aunts, Nanis, Dadis, The ‘Canada Wali Buas and Masis’ and the list go on. So, WeddingPlz researched as to where we can get the best Mehandi artist in Delhi. Without further ado, let us now enlighten you about which nook and cranny of the capital hold the best places for Bridal Mehndi.

1. Dilli Haat (Nearest Metro Station : INA Market) : Be it wedding season or not, Henna artists coming from humble origins make a living here applying world-class bridal mehndi all throughout the year.

  • The Crowd-Gatherer: The most happening places in Dilli haat are the Shama Mehndi and Iqbal Chooriwala.
  •  Charges: For the basic design the charges are Rs. 100/- however, the charges may go up to 2000-3000 depending on the design.
  • Special Attraction: The colorful henna design with crystals and studs known as Kundan Mehndi is most popular here.

Mehendi Dilli Haat.weddingplz

2. Hanuman Mandir (Nearest Metro Station: Rajeev Chowk) : This is the hottest hub for Mehndi artists and Mehndi lovers in Delhi.

  • The Crowd-Gatherer: Akbar Mehndiwala is the one place you will rarely see without customers in Hanuman Mandir. Mainly during festival seasons when they are booked in advance.
  • Charges: The bridal mehndi designs start at Rs 1,100 to 11,000. The Charges for permanent tattoos are starting from Rs 700.
  • Special Attraction: The henna artists specialize in popular Zardozi mehndi designs, which is a popular bridal mehndi design.

Mehendi Hanuman Mandir.weddingplz

3. Central Market (Nearest Metro Station: Lajpat Nagar): This market has been gathering a lot of attraction since past many years for the most happening mehndi artists.

  • The Crowd- Gatherer: Almost every menhdi designer is crowded in Central Market by women of all ages.
  • Charges: A single small traditional design costs Rs. 100/- and may go upto 1,500 as the designs get bigger. The charges for Bridal Mehndi start from Rs 1,500 and may go upto 11,000.
  • Special Attraction: The chief attraction of this place is the glittery and sequin studded Arabic Menhdi.

Mehendi Lajpat Nagar.weddingplz

4. Karol Bagh : Ajmal Khan Road (Nearest Metro Station: Karol Bagh)

  • The Crowd- Gatherer: Glint Beauty Professional and Attraction Beauty Clinic.
  • Charges: The regular design costs Rs 125/-, 150/-, 175/- depending on the type of design. The Kundan mehendi design and the Zardozi mehndi are expensive. The Bridal mehendi starts from Rs 2,500/-, 2,800/-, 3000/-.
  • Special Attraction: Kundan Mehendi and the Moghlai Mehndi designs are much popular in this area.

Mehendi Karol Bagh.weddingplz

5. Rajouri Garden (Nearest Metro Station: Rajouri Garden)

  • The Crowd Gatherer: Ram Kumar Mehendi Arts and Rakesh Mehndi Wala are the star crowd gatherers of the place.
  • Charges: The starting prices for Bridal mehndi are Rs 5000/- to Rs 7000/- and the charges for Mehndi Party is from Rs 2500/-.
  • Special Attraction: The most popular mehendi designs are Silver Sparkle and Marwari designs.

Mehendi Rajauri Garden.weddingplz

6. Krishna Nagar (Nearest Metro Station: Preet Vihar): The Krishna Nagar market consist of 20-30 talented mehndi artists at a time in every season.

  • The Crowd- Gatherer: Jeetu Mehndi designer is the crowd gatherer of the place and is booked in advance for Sangeets and Weddings.
  • Charges: Bridal Mehndi starts from Rs 1500 to as high as Rs 21,000. The regular small design costs Rs 100/- and goes upto 1,500.
  • Special Attraction: Although artists here are well-versed with Arabic, Marwari, Zardozi and Rajasthani designs; the main USP of the place is the Colour Stamper mehndi designs.

Mehendi Krishna Nagar.weddingplz

7. Paharganj (Nearest Metro Station: New Delhi Railway Station): This popular mehndi escaped is a haunt for foreigners. Although the prices are really high in this area, the Indian customers can bargain with the artists.

  • The Crowd- Gatherer: The groups of menhdiwalas sitting near the Shelton Hotel wayside are crowded with foreign women.
  • Charges: The charges for one hand starts from Rs 250/- and goes upto 1,500. The bridal Mehndi design starts from Rs 2,500.
  • Special Attraction: Although every type of design is popular here, the special attraction is witnessing that Firangi women are as attracted to Mehndi as us Desis.

Mehendi Paharganj.weddingplz

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