Different Ways to Add Terrariums into Your Wedding Decor

If you’re keen on infusing a touch of nature into your wedding, consider the understated elegance of terrariums. Here’s a practical guide on how to seamlessly integrate these charming green gems into various aspects of your big day.


Elevate your table decor with mini terrariums, mixing and matching shapes and sizes for a tasteful tablescape.

Aisle Decor

Line the aisle with terrariums for a botanical touch, and consider a standout terrarium for a unique unity ceremony element.


Terrarium hangings above tables, the dance floor, or ceremony area for a simple yet whimsical touch.

Wedding Favours

Send guests home with personalised mini terrariums, a green and eco-friendly reminder of your special day.

Seating Cards

Replace traditional escort cards with terrariums, attaching guest names or table number to stems or leaves for a unique display.


Create a photo-worthy backdrop with larger terrariums, adding a natural touch to your pictures.

Cake Table Display 

Adorn the cake table with strategically placed terrariums for a subtle botanical element.

Candle Holders

Infuse a warm ambiance by using terrariums as simple yet elegant candle holders.

Fairy Lights 

If not candles then try terrariums filled with fairy lights that will add a warm tone to your wedding decor.

Pictures via: Pinterest

From adorning your tables with miniature ecosystems to sending guests home with living memories, these unassuming green gems can add a touch of greenery to your wedding decor without overwhelming the space.

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