Affordable Bridal Shower Decor

Planning a bridal shower is an exciting venture, but it doesn’t have to break the bank. With a bit of creativity and some smart shopping, you can create a beautiful and memorable bridal shower without overspending. 

Here are some budget-friendly bridal shower decor items that can help you create an elegant and memorable atmosphere.


Balloons are a classic choice for bridal showers. Look for affordable latex balloons in the bride’s favourite colours or opt for metallic balloons for added flair.

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Streamers and Banners

Streamers and banners add a festive touch to any venue. You can find pre-made options or get creative with DIY banners using craft paper and stencils.

Via: My Happy Party Shop

Tablecloths and Linens

Tablecloths and linens can instantly transform the look of your tables. Consider simple, solid-coloured tablecloths or something that goes along with your party theme.

Via: You Had Me At Crafts 


Create eye-catching centrepieces using affordable items like mason jars filled with fresh flowers, tea lights in glass holders, or floating candles in decorative bowls.

Via: Vallari Decor

Confetti and Table Scatter

Small details like confetti and table scatter can make a big impact. Choose options that match the bridal shower theme or colour scheme.

Via: Burlap & Bling Design Studio 

Photo Props and Booth Accessories

Photo props and booth accessories like silly glasses, hats, and boas are fun additions that can enhance the party atmosphere.

Via: Triya Designs

Paper Lanterns and Pom-Poms

Hang paper lanterns and pom-poms from the ceiling for a whimsical and celebratory vibe. They come in various colors and sizes to suit your theme.

Via: Paper Lantern Store

Fairy Lights

Fairy lights or string lights add a magical touch to your decor. Hang them around the venue or drape them over tables for a warm and inviting ambiance.

Via: Party Propz Store

Personalised Items

Consider personalised decor items like custom banners, monogrammed napkins, or photo collages that highlight the couple’s journey.

Via: Zazzle

Mix and match these decor items to create a personalised and budget-friendly bridal shower that reflects the bride’s style and preferences. With a little creativity and attention to detail, you can achieve a beautiful and memorable celebration without exceeding your budget.

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