Awesome Ideas For A Pinteresty Wedding Table Decor

We all want to have the perfect wedding right? And decor does count as a major part of any celebration. Today we are up with some amazing ideas for decorating the table tops at your wedding festivities. Flower bouquets are classic and we are absolutely in favour of those.  Geometric candle stands look very elegant and classy. If you wish of a more lavish decor, nothing better than candles on a asymmetric candle stand with a lot of flowers around them. Floating diyas with glitter water is something we love to see on the wedding day. Glass bottles with fairy lights looks dreamy and we want to see more of that. Rustic wooden frames with personalized captions is for the intimate weddings. Choose yours!!


Decoration By Tablecloths Factory

Decoration By Tablecloths Factory

Decoration By Labude

Decoration By Valiant Events

Decoration By Wedinsync

Decoration By Laly Rose

Decoration By Benitaly Weddings

Source Villa Catignano

Decoration By Laly Rose

Source Bridal Vogue

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