7 Colours For Our Grooms They Can Experiment With

While it comes to wedding Grooms feel equal pressure in selecting their outfit for their big day. Since wedding happen once in a lifetime, like bride, grooms also want to make this day a special one by getting experimental not with the outfits only but with colours as well. One of the most important decisions for groom to take is to choose the wedding outfits. And the pressure get doubled when they have to select the colour of the outfit that will coordinate well with their bride’s dress .So to make your day more memorable, we have find some best tips listed below to help you decide which you should go for. Just choose any of these colours according to your choice, get super-stylish and dashing look and get ready to rock your wedding day!

#1. Deep Purple: Dark coloured outfit are becoming the famous option for wedding. It is the perfect colour that can add a bold aesthetic to a wedding as dark defines boldness. Grooms can use the beautiful heu of this deep purple colour to get gorgeous look with bold definition.

Groom Outfit by Dhruv Vaish | Photography by The Creative Lens

#2. Slate Blue: This colour is must-have colour for any nuptial. Since it acquires the calmness which some grooms want to wear on the day most special to them.

Photography by  The Lightsmiths

#3. New Age Pastels: Simple and plain colour on grooms we always get to see. But shades like pastel one which has floral design can give a more comprehensive and classy look to groom which have been trending off-late.

Groom Outfit by Manyavar

#4. Bright Peach: It is most cheerful colour. If you want a modern and charming look then go for this heu for your wedding which will add more charm in your moment defining the love and affection.

Groom Outfit by Anuj Madaan Couture

#5. Powder Blue: Lighter shades of this primary color feel airy, fresh and modern. This one makes an impressive statement in a powder blue outfit look.

Photography by Recall Pictures

#6. Lilac: It is such a pretty colour that can compel any groom to fall for it and make it as their first choice on their big day. It look so nice and bright that any groom would love to have as a wedding dress.

Photography by Dhanika Choksi Photography

#7. Bloody Red: Who says red is the colour of the bride only. This bloody red colour will make the groom feel like a king. The groom look amazingly cool in this coolest heu of red colour.

Photography by Artfoto Studio

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