Sweet and Savory Edible Wedding Favour Ideas

Selecting the perfect wedding favour treats is an art that combines tradition with creativity. Among the myriad options available, edible delights stand out as timeless classics, offering a blend of sweet and savoury indulgences that guests treasure long after the festivities.

Assorted Sweets

Celebrate your big day with assorted sweets, a classic and delightful wedding favour. These treats offer a mix of flavours and textures that everyone will love. 

Via: The Baklava Box

Cake Jars

These petite treats feature layers of moist cake and creamy frosting are a mouth watering favour for your guests. Present them in simple glass jars, adorned with subtle accents or personalised tags. 

Via: Le Cake Box

Chocolate Hampers

These meticulously curated hampers feature a collection of premium chocolates. With pretty packaging and personalised touches, they’re a lovely way to say thank you. 


Customised Cookies

Treat your guests to a special touch with personalised cookies, a heartfelt wedding favour they’ll adore. They can be customised with names, initials, wedding date or simply those cute decorative cookies.  

Via: Freddie’s Baking Studio

Bonbon Box

Share the sweetness of your special day with a bonbon box, a lovely wedding favour for your guests. Each box is filled with delicious bonbons in various flavours, sure to please everyone’s taste buds. And if you want a traditional touch, go for mithai bon bons.

Via: Bhawan

Ganache Brownies

Treat your guests to delicious ganache brownies, a mouthwatering wedding favour they’ll love. These rich and fudgy treats are topped with smooth chocolate ganache, creating a perfect blend of flavours. 

Via: The Chocolate Kitchen

From traditional sweets to artisanal confections, these treats offer a memorable way to express gratitude to your guests. So, share the joy of your celebration with these delicious favours, and let them leave a lasting impression on your guests’ hearts and taste buds alike.

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