Shanaya Kapoor Embarks On A Journey of Band, Baaja, Baraat with Ridhi Mehra’s Safarnama

Safarnama: The Pursuit of Love

featuring, Shanaya Kapoor, the muse, the princess and the perfect modern bride 

Once upon a time in the bustling town of Firozpur, there lived a radiant soul named Shanno. She was the epitome of love and light in her family, the cherished daughter, and the apple of her parents’ eyes. Shanno, often referred to as “Papa and Mummy ki pari”, possessed a heart of gold, an infectious smile, and a tenderness that could conquer the world.

Shanno embarked on a captivating journey in the pursuit of love, traversing the landscapes of life with grace and determination. Her quest for love unfolded like a beautiful Safarnama – an odyssey filled with joy, laughter, and a kaleidoscope of emotions. The crescendo of her journey reached a magnificent climax, culminating in a grand celebration – a big fat Indian wedding, adorned with opulence and luxury, a dream come true moment for Shanno.

The symbolic journey of Shanno’s Safarnama unfolded on a luxurious train, echoing the splendid and eventful nature of her adventure. The Band, the Baaja, and her unique Baarat accompanied her as she waltzed through the chaos and charisma of Indian weddings. Shanno Ki Shaadi is a testament to the love and longing for celebration and exuberance, inviting everyone to join in the revelry and become a part of her Safarnama.

Safarnama by Ridhi Mehra: Weaving Love In Every Thread

To celebrate the delightful essence of nuptials and a bride’s enchanting journey, celebrated fashion designer Ridhi Mehra unveils a meticulously crafted bridal collection – Safarnama

Featuring the gorgeous star, Shanaya Kapoor as the muse for the bridal couture campaign, this grand and elaborate collection beautifully merges classic charm with contemporary charisma, offering a visual symphony of colours and textures that resonate with the spirit of love.

“When we were planning the first bridal couture campaign, our vision was clear – to create something vibrant and resonant for the modern bride of today. We envisioned a bride who embodies boldness, carefreeness, and a spirit of experimentation while still holding onto the traditions in her own unique style. As we curated this collection, Shanaya Kapoor naturally emerged as our first and foremost choice to personify the essence of the campaign.” – Ridhi Mehra

Opulence is synonymous with Ridhi Mehra’s design sensibilities and is beautifully reimagined through grand bridal pieces, each with a touch of soothing appeal. 

Ridhi Mehra’s love for luxurious and celebratory colour palettes sets the tone for the wedding season. Safarnama presents a palette of brilliant hues, from silver and gold to champagne, magnificent greens, purples, and reds, enriched with navy, dusky pink, and ivory. Luxurious fabrics such as tissue, organza, tulle, and pure silk breathe life into the collection, elevating the aesthetic appeal. 

“To infuse a touch of nostalgia and differentiation into this campaign, we decided to experiment not only with the designs but also with the setup. We drew inspiration from the times we travelled on trains for weddings, cherishing the moments around it. Shanaya’s departure in her own baraat, set against the backdrop of a train journey, became the heart of our storytelling. This campaign is not just a showcase of bridal couture; it’s a celebration of memories, journeys, and the beautiful fusion of the past with the present.” – Ridhi Mehra

The celebration of tradition is evident in intricate embroidery techniques, including applique, monotone threadwork, multicolour zardozi, maori, and chunky jewelled embroidery. The motifs draw inspiration from classic traditional geometric patterns, Indian cultural elements, and Persian influences, weaving a tapestry of cultural diversity. 

Ridhi Mehra’s Safarnama is a celebration of cultural fusion and contemporary elegance, with Shanaya Kapoor beautifully embodying the essence of a modern bride. The collection’s meticulous attention to detail and opulent design make it a standout choice for those seeking vibrant bridal couture. The train journey as a backdrop adds a unique and nostalgic touch, making Safarnama not just about fashion but a beautiful storytelling experience. With diverse styles and a rich colour palette, Safarnama promises a journey of love and celebration for every bride.

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