Pastel or Traditional? Celeb Bridal Look: 2023 Roundup

In the ever-evolving realm of bridal fashion, 2023 witnessed a fascinating clash of styles, with two prominent trends stealing the spotlight: Pastel and Traditional. As celebrities continue to be the trendsetters, their bridal looks become a source of inspiration for countless brides-to-be. 

In this roundup, we delve into the mesmerising celebrity bridal looks of 2023, dissecting the choices between pastel palettes and classic traditions that have defined this year’s matrimonial fashion landscape.

Shrenu Parikh 

Outfit: The Kalki Bride | Makeup: Neha Adhvik Mahajan | Hair: Time Machine Salon, Shine Janarthanan | Jewellery: Khurana Jewellery House | Photography: Oragraphy

Mukti Mohan

Outfit: Payal Keyal | Makeup: Riticka S Jalan | Hair: Aaliya Hussain | Jewellery: Kishandas & Co. | Photography: Made In Heaven

Lin Laishram

Outfit: Yening Design by Somokanta | Makeup: Pritam Moirangthem | Jewellery: Mani Bazar | Photography: Cupcake Productions

Neha Bagga

Outfit: Kamal Bhai Saree Sangam | Makeup: Neha Advik Mahajan | Hair: Ganpuilu Rongmei | Jewellery: Om Sons Bridal Store, Vbhushan | Photography: Deepika’s Deep Clicks

Malvika Raaj

Outfit: Pawan & Pranav Haute Couture | Makeup & Hair: Shradha Luthra | Jewellery: Razwada Jewels | Photography: Epic Stories 

Lavanya Tripathi

Outfit: Manish Malhotra | Makeup: Sandy Artist | Photography: House On The Cloud

Mahira Khan 

Outfit: Faraz Manan | Makeup: Babar Zaheer | Jewellery: Chhotanis | Photography: Izzah Shaheen Malik

Parineet Chopra

Outfit: Manish Malhotra | Makeup: Savleen Manchanda | Hair: Priyanka Borkar | Jewellery: Manish Malhotra Jewellery | Photography: The House On The Clouds

Kiara Advani

Outfit: Manish Malhotra | Makeup: Makeup By Lekha | Photography: The House On The Clouds

Athiya Shetty

Outfit: Anamika Khanna | Makeup: Namrata Soni | Photography: Stories By Joseph Radhik

As we bid adieu to 2023, the union of pastel and traditional bridal looks has left an indelible mark on the wedding fashion canvas. The year has showcased a splendid diversity of choices, with celebrities seamlessly blending modern trends with age-old traditions. Whether draped in the soft hues of pastels or adorned in the richness of traditional attire, each celebrity bride has carved a unique path to matrimonial magnificence. 

As we eagerly anticipate the trends that will grace wedding aisles in the coming years, one thing remains certain – the allure of pastel palettes and the timeless embrace of tradition will continue to inspire brides across the globe.

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