Inside the Spectacular Decor of Anant Ambani and Radhika Merchant’s Three-Day Pre Wedding Extravaganza

Over the course of three days, the pre-wedding events for Anant Ambani and Radhika Merchant unfolded in a spectacle of tasteful decor, seamlessly blending tradition and contemporary allure. That decor needs our special attention. Scroll down below and you will know why.

Dreamy Floral Decor

Every corner and nook is adorned with pastel-coloured flowers, creating a Victorian wedding ambiance. These floral arrangements harmonise seamlessly with the high-rise ceilings, chandeliers, and the overall colour themes, adding a touch of elegance to the venue.

Wall Paintings for a Traditional Touch

The venue’s decorations are elevated by the strategic use of walls. These paintings were complementing the event’s theme. All the creative Indian artistry was on full display in the decoration. Under Nita Ambani’s guidance, the passion for Indian art and culture was evident in the decor. 


This white fountain complemented the high-rise windows and tall ceiling, featuring glass elements and a white frame. Both the ceiling and windows exhibit arching designs, contributed to an overall elegant atmosphere. 


Ranging in size from small to large, each chandelier exudes a radiant charm with its crystal-like appearance, contributing to the overall aesthetic of the venue.

Desi Moulin Rouge

Jamnagar underwent a transformation, adopting a modern Indian interpretation inspired by the Moulin Rouge format. The rich red and gold decor into the nostalgic setting of a mela. Velvet drapes, gold tassels, and red roses all evoked an opulent atmosphere reminiscent of the iconic cabaret, creating a sophisticated Moulin Rouge-inspired ambiance.

The artful combination of cultural richness and modern aesthetics created an engaging atmosphere, leaving a lasting impression on attendees. The carefully curated decor added an extra layer of charm to the festivities. 

Decor by: Manish Malhotra ; Blue Lotus Creatives ; Vanita Omung Kumar ; Devika Narain & Company | Florist: Design and Decor by Dinaz ; Jeff Leatham

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