A Journey Through Lakmé Fashion Week 2024: Wedding Edition

Welcome to Lakmé Fashion Week 2024! From sustainable fashion statements to regal ensembles, each day of this illustrious event unfolded a vast space of creativity and artistry. And here we are (yet again) to explore the stunning designs presented by some really talented designers exclusive to wedding couture. 

Day 1

Shimona Agrawal – HUE

Kicking off the extravaganza, Shimona Agrawal‘s collection, “HUE – Re-Imagined for the Modern Soul,” captured hearts with its ode to timeless style and sustainable fashion. Each piece, meticulously crafted, invited the modern generation to cherish the beauty of craftsmanship while embracing a culture of sustainability.

Day 2

Gaurang Shah – गुलाल

On the second day, Gaurang Shah wows the audience with his collection, गुलाल. Inspired by the beauty of pink and traditional weaving techniques, his designs capture the essence of purity and peace, taking us on a journey through India’s rich cultural heritage. 

Day 3

Rajdeep Ranawat – Nizam

Rajdeep Ranawat‘s collection, “Nizam,” brings a touch of European elegance to the runway. Inspired by Lucknow’s royal courtesans, his designs feature a palette of soft colours and intricate patterns, transporting us to a bygone era of opulence and grandeur.

Day 4

Varun Chakkilam – Lenora

Varun Chakkilam’s  collection ‘Lenora’ celebrates the beauty of light in all its forms, offering a contemporary twist on classic silhouettes with a floral touch and luxurious fabrics. Each garment radiates with luminous charm and effortless sophistication, inviting brides to adorn themselves with elegance and grace.

Vika by Arvind Ampula – Whispers of Empires

Vika by Arvind Ampula’s collection ‘Whispers of Empires’ draws inspiration from sacred gardens where empires confide, weaving a symphony of elegance where threads of Persian finesse gracefully waltz with vibrant Indian blooms. With embroidered narratives unveiling threads of paradise, each ensemble unfolds an ethereal universe of pure delight and opulence.

Sakshi Bhati

Sakshi Bhati’s collection entails floral clothes with delicate intricacies, embodying elegance, sophistication, and attention to detail. Each piece features intricate floral patterns meticulously embroidered or printed on high-quality fabrics, enhancing their allure and charm, offering brides a timeless and captivating allure.

Anushree Reddy – Gulab-Bari

Anushree Reddy’s collection ‘Gulab-Bari’ draws inspiration from the resplendent tapestry of cultures and histories, evoking the enchantment of royalty through meticulously crafted ensembles. With a homage to Nizami heritage and the ethereal beauty of its landscapes, each garment is an ode to timeless elegance and grace.

Day 5

Charu & Vaundhara – Azura: Where Dreams Bloom

Charu & Vaundhara’s collection ‘Azura: Where Dreams Bloom’ reflects the designers’ creative vision, drawing inspiration from personal aspirations. With floral embellishments and graceful designs, each piece embodies a harmonious blend of architectural elements and natural beauty, offering a balanced combination of strength and delicacy for brides.


KALKI’s collection ‘INARA’  is inspired by the beauty of cherry blossoms and the essence of spring and summer. Each garment showcases meticulous craftsmanship and intricate details, featuring 3D geometric and floral motifs that evoke the gentle movement of cherry blossom petals in the breeze. This collection adds a whimsical and alluring touch to bridal couture, appealing to brides seeking a classic yet enchanting look.

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