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    1 User Review For Winnie Chauhan Hair and Makeup Expert

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      Reviewed by Vidhi Kadam
      On 02 Mar 2016

      If you are getting  married she is not even the last person you would  want to book for your big day as she is a total snob and will not think even once before ruining ur day.I had booked her for my big day and I had to ask her to leave from the venue and book some one else at the last minute due to her behaviour... she needs to come down to the ground before she can persuade this career further as I am sure no bride would want someone good for nothing  so Called make up artist with heaps of attitude to ruin the biggest day of her life... also I forgot to add.. she keeps us waiting for an hour under her building for a paid trial even if u have an appointment  just because she is busy shopping at some mall.. She has absolutely  no manners to talk to the bride or her parents. She is not made for this industry.  Very very  upset with her behaviour. I think she should be off this site