A Unique And Exquisite Story Of Intimate Love And Being Together

Story Of Sanyukta & Nishant They would have never thought of getting married in such that is out of our imagination with handful of people wearing masks and maintaining social distancing. But great always happens at its best time when it has to. Two people met at a common friend’s party, unknown of the fact that […]

Remarkable Leg Mehandi Designs For Brides Bringing Glory In Her Life!

In Indian wedding where mehendi plays a great significance also brings beneficial importance with it. As its application helps the bride in relieving stress if any before her big day. You can’t even think wedding without mehendi. It is commonly believed in Indian tradition that the darker the color of the Bride’s Mehndi, the more her […]

Get That Traditional Yet Beautifully Unique Look In Awesome Banarsi Lehenga, Rich In Color And Variety In Designs!

Every bride-to-be has always a dream of looking perfect on her special day. Banarsi fabric are the elegant keeping all those advantage that a bride must wish to have on her wedding from comfort to looks. The beauty of banarsi lehenga is undefined which it hold that every bride feel like princess wearing this. Banarsi […]

An Heart Touching Story That Will Inspire You The Most!

Story Of Garima And Akshay They met in family friend’s dinner party that was unplanned. But what happens to next was surely planned and unexpected as their destiny brought them together. As they met had some conversation afterwards they exchanged their numbers purposely for work related information gathering. Since then they become good friends sharing […]

Bandani Lehengas, That Will Give You Out Of The World Feeling!

Whether you’re planning an intimate wedding at home or your dream destination wedding red bridal lehengas will go perfect for your fairytale wedding. Some colors and fabric designs are thought to be traditional color of which outfit can be seen in almost every wedding due to its high popularity that marks its significance. Apart from […]

A True Reflection Of Love And Seamless Bond Of Togetherness!

Story Of Komal And Ayush She think sometime how strange this feeling of love is as now she cannot even imagine her life without the person to whom she was about to say a big ‘NO’ when she first met. Yes we hearing today another true love story that will inspire you purely. Komal and […]

Live The Desire To Propose Your Partner At Home In Most Erotic Ways During This lockdown!

Wedding proposal at home sounds so surprising and is something uncommon to ever anticipate. But such a devastating outbreak has put everyone into deep thought of battling for survival of life and our mind has undergone catastrophic collapse towards the adversity incurred by this global pandemic. This could have sink our life styles but we […]

A story about passionate love and work for life!

Story Of Mansi & Vinav It is the story of people who first met at work but destiny has decided for them, they built a strong connection even they didn’t move on the work front at their first meeting. It is truly said, ‘right things happen at right time’, they started building up this new relationship […]

Trending Bridal Florals Kadas That Will Make You Look Beautiful As Feel Beautiful Eternally.

Flowers are the integral part of wedding as they are used in decoration & for jewelry as well. The importance of flowers in wedding are felt very closely and why not, the kind of beauty or fragrance that it holds can full your moments as well as life with those fragrance whole life. Floral jewellery […]

An exquisite wedding story of lovable couple!

Story Of Abhilasha and Vir Kapur Let’s hear about the love story of Abhilasha and Vir, two unknown person fall in love with each other that even they are unknown to the fact that how it happened and for what reason. They first met on a shoot of movie where both were working as a […]

A Funny Love Story But Exquisite One!

Story Of Chasham and Angad We all have heard about the love stories of great lovers, Romeo & Juliet, and Heer-Ranjha. So here we have an amazing and funny story of the love of Chasham and Angad that sounds like directly coming out of a romantic novel. The fun element in their story was the disbelieve […]

Alisha & Deepak’s Journey of Unusual yet unique love story.

Story Of Alisha & Deepak It all started years back when they both met at first time, but it wasn’t a love at first sight not even a usual love story. There seems no scope of whirlwind romance between them. But it has been truly said that pairs are made in heaven and love find […]

Varmala, The First Step, In Brand New Start Of Couple’s Life Journey!

Jaimala is the most important part of any Indian wedding which follows the tradition of India and its culture. It used to be a fun filled event in the whole wedding ceremony as in this bride and groom get first exposure of each other in front of every members involved in the wedding. Also known […]

Lockdown Wedding, A Challenging Yet Most Simple And Amazing One!

It was their first meeting in an office where both of them joined together and become friends cum colleagues. They started having conversation and going together for outing sometimes. As time passed, Anant started feeling for her but they never talked to each other about their feelings until they realized. They build a strong bond […]

A Lockdown Wedding Story Of Hope And Love!

Story Of Avantika & Vikram #VIKA They would had never even imagined that this could possible to have their wedding in 2 BHK  setup, but Universe had other plans where everyone are hit by the pandemic eventually leading to a lockdown in the country. Their wedding was scheduled for 27th of June 2020, with all […]

A Story From Being No One To Life Of Each Other.

Story Of Jenny & Vishal Ten years ago, it was tough to believe that they would have become so close to each other that they would marry each other. When young Jenny and Vishal left their homes to find a space in this world, little did they know that they’d find each other to share […]

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