How To Organise A Pre-Wedding Photoshoot

A pre-wedding photoshoot is fun and entails a different phase of life. A pre-wedding shoot is a contemporary idea that fuels excitement and happiness in the lives of the bride and groom. It is a way to capture precious memories and an opportunity to connect with each other before marriage. There are a plethora of […]

Wedding Catering Guide; Everything You Need To Know

             Catering is an important component to consider while planning a wedding. The appropriate caterer may have a big influence on your wedding day. Here’s a thorough wedding catering guide with everything you need to know to help you manage the process. Determine Your Budget: Begin by setting a budget […]

Plan For A Budget-Friendly Wedding

There are various techniques and ideas to minimize expenses while organizing an Indian wedding without sacrificing the entire experience. Here are some unique cost-cutting plans geared exclusively toward Indian weddings: Choose an off-season wedding In today’s modern society, selecting an off-season wedding date might provide various benefits. It offers significant cost savings because venues and […]

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Outfits For Mehendi Ceremony

The Mehendi Ceremony is the beginning of every Indian wedding and adds freshness to a new start. Mehendi ceremonies are fascinating and blend happiness and goodwill for the future. As fashion is synonymous with comfort in the modern world, there are an array of opportunities for mehendi outfits for the bride and bridesmaids. Choose a […]


Wedding Color Palette You Need To Try In 2023

Choosing the right color palette for your Indian wedding day is essential. Colors stimulate emotions, set the tone, and create a visually pleasing experience. Colors have significant implications in Indian culture and are firmly established in traditions and practices. The correct color palette represents the couple’s individuality, improves the overall aesthetics, and pulls the entire […]

How To Organise An Elegant Sangeet Ceremony!

Planning a sangeet ceremony for the wedding encompasses song selections, dance practices, and fun throughout the night. From choosing a dream venue to aesthetic decors, create the best and most memorable sangeet ceremony before the real beginning of married life. Choose An Elegant Venue Choose a dream venue according to the bride and groom and […]

Your Guide To Plan A Cruise Wedding

Imagine exchanging vows with your sweetheart amidst sparkling waves, surrounded by stunning sights, and relishing in the luxury of a floating paradise. A wedding on board a cruise ship is a unique event that blends the charm of an Indian wedding with the elegance of a nautical tour. This enables couples to plan an outstanding […]

The Revival Of Indian Wedding Wardrobe

Using bridal lehengas made by international designers adds a sense of novelty and distinctiveness to a wedding. Incorporating these designs into the bride’s dress will provide a fresh and contemporary touch. It lets brides experiment with styles, shapes, and methods that are only sometimes seen in traditional local designs. Brides may express their individuality and […]

Things To Keep In Mind When Planning A Bachelorette

Planning a wedding is unique and starts with a gorgeous bachelorette party. Nowadays, bachelorette parties are common and encompass music, fun, and various cuisines of the world. There are various things to keep in mind while planning, such as guests, location, budget, and transportation. The Bachelorette party symbolizes the last day of bachelor life and […]

How To Keep Kids Engaged In Wedding Ceremonies

Children add a greater value to everyone’s life and attending a wedding day with children creates memories. Children on a wedding day sometimes feel monotonous during the long schedule of rituals and to avoid tiredness, plan good entertainment for the kids at a budget-friendly rate. Magic Shows Magic Shows are one of the best entertainments […]

Unique Accessories To Lift Up Your Wedding Look

Weddings are attributed in witnessing lehengas, chunnis, sarees, and Indian weddings blend distinct cultures and create signature styles. Bridal shopping incorporates time and energy, and to make your wedding day luxurious and affordable, keep these unique accessories on your bucket list! Kaleere and Chuda Kaleere and Chudas are an integral part of a traditional Punjabi […]

Guide To A Dreamy Destination Wedding

“True love knows no repetition; it intertwines souls in a timeless dance, for in the realm of hearts, one marries once.” As the quote suggests, we all marry once, and expecting it to be the grandest and most memorable event of your life isn’t a crime.  A well-chosen wedding location may leave a lasting impression […]

Doing Vintage Wedding Ideas The Right Way

Anything vintage around us is actually a glimpse of some fragment of the past. It actually gives off a sense of elegance and nostalgia to its admirers. No matter how much India has turned to the side of modern culture, our fondness for our rich and vibrant past and aesthetics won’t ever fade away. So, […]

Bagline: Give Your Loved Ones A Gift Of Elegance

Accessories are an essential part of any wedding, and bridal bags are a mini vanity for carrying the bride’s essential products. From jewellery to safety pins, bags restores necessities and adds grace to the special day. Bagline provides an array of opportunities, from luxury designer bags to laptop bags. Explore the latest variety of bags […]

To The Magical Journey Of Aishwarya And Aniket!

Magic doesn’t only lie in smiles, it also seeps through the longing, the togetherness, and the puddle of highs and lows. No, we’re not writing a smitten philosophy, we’re describing the beautiful tale of Aishwarya and Aniket who recently got hitched in Lonavala with a peppy ceremonial trail. Excited to know more? Here’s how #AniketKiAish […]

How To Handle Some Deadly Post-Wedding Blues

Wedding ceremonies can be overwhelming. It comes up like a celebratory wind of rituals, fun stories, family gatherings and more. Although what after it? The silence is sometimes more hurting than the vidaai itself. Are you too tired of an empty house and sudden waves of change? We’ve got you! Here’s how you can handle […]

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