Flyrobe : Own Everything Buy Nothing!

Awesome dress + Great designers + Top brands = Pricey Outfit ??? Well no more ladies !!! So all you beautiful brides and lovely girls who want to wear the dress designed by their favourite designer but the price makes you take a backseat… we have good news for you ! The novel concept of bridal rental, […]

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Mrs. India Earth 2016 : A Pageant To Remember!

Racing heartbeats and unceasing excitement finally came to an end on the third day of the most celebrated event Mrs. India Earth 2016 when the names of the winners were announced.  The 3 days long beauty pageant was held at ITC Welcum Hotel Dwarka and left everyone waiting for another session already. Prineet Grewal was […]

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Jalsa Festive Exhibition 2016 !

Beautifully organized and immensely fun, Jalsa’s Festive Edition was an eclectic mix of vintage and glamour and everything related to wedding under its roof. It was thrilling to see the two genres collide and celebrate in style. Brainchild of Timsy Anand, Jalsa promotes both established and new talent not only in fashion but in anything […]

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Runway Bridal Exhibition 2016 – The Bride’s Best Friend!

A girl has myriad emotions sewed to her wedding ensemble. Desiring to scintillate as a Goddess on her D-Day, every bride’s greatest goal is to hunt down that one wedding attire which is immaculate for her. And as she goes from pillar to post, searching for her perfect wedding dress, Ramola Bachchan’s Runway Bridal was something […]

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Taarini Weddings : Turning Wedding Dreams Into Reality!

A small scale start up with some meager savings managed to carve a niche for itself with nothing but sheer hard work, acute determination, detailed planning and strategic execution. Meet Soumya Raghu, the heart and mind behind Taarini Weddings; whose journey from being a corporate worker in Ernst & Young to setting up a great team in Taarini Weddings […]


Edit Don’t Repeat : KLOSET EDIT !

There are only some very special events that manage to put a sparkly smile on a girl’s face, Its either when her man is down on his knees with ring in his hand or when the prices on her favourite brands are down!!! Well the first one sure sends the heart fluttering but let us […]


Where Language Ends, Love Speaks!

Ling and Zhang, who had tied a knot 10 years ago decided to celebrate their 10th anniversary in a somewhat different way than throwing a usual party. Since they are both extremely passionate about travelling, they decided to spend their anniversary by doing what they love the most together- travel.     They planned a […]


Wedding Decor Ideas

Once in a while, right in the middle of an ordinary life, love gives us a fairy tale. So why not have a fairy tale wedding. You can create a tranquil, romantic and exuberant ambiance around your wedding and in all the ceremonies like sangeet, mehendi, cocktail or in reception through the decor. Let us […]


Enchanting Choker : Making a Come Back

Out of all the comebacks of various fashion accessories, Choker seems to be the favorite of today’s bride. These brides will inspire all those who want to have a look which will create the best fusion where style meets royalty..!! Here are some beautiful brides wearing choker and making a peculiar style statement.   The […]


What’s Cooking..!

Love cooking? Ever thought of learning or teaching it but somehow dropped the idea? Well, here is an inspiration to all, a journey of a food lover which started from just creating a Facebook page to share their own recipes and dishes with the world. To their surprise, the Facebook page started getting likes (and […]


Kresha Bajaj’s Lehenga: An Ode To Her Love Story

The wedding bells rang for Kresha Bajaj and Vanraj Zaveri a while ago but can still be heard clearly. Thanks to the entire buzz that the duo had stirred by making their wedding exceptional in every aspect. From the exotic wedding location and a star studded reception to the wedding lehenga and the jewellery adorned […]

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5 Stunning Wedding Accessories You Can't Say no To

5 Stunning Wedding Accessories You Can’t Say No To

Hello ladies! You must have all seen countless bangles, rings, nath, mangtikka and payals by now and we are sure they must be nice too. But today we bring you our favorites! 5 bridal accessories that have touched our hearts and made us just swoon over at the very sight of them. They are not […]


Darzi On Call : Pick, Stitch & Deliver!

You can get a pizza on call, wardrobe on call, books on call and even furniture on call, nothing new, right? But what if we tell you that now you can get a Darzi on Call? Yes, you read it right. Now you don’t need to slog endlessly to boutiques to get your dress stitched […]


Indian Bride: Breaking The Cliches

Indian bride has evolved in every sense over the years. The bride who once struggled to find coordination between her high heels and heavy lehenga to walk or the one whose bright makeup would have lighted up the whole room or the one who was choking behind her jewellery is now rocking an altogether new […]


6 Mantras Of A Picture Perfect Makeup

Pampering your skin with an intelligent makeup is the best way to combat the sweltering heat this summer. Be all ears ladies because we have these eight hacks for a stunningly beautiful look right in front of you. Read along and get ready to rock the world with your perfection!   MAKEUP SETTING SPRAY: SEAL […]


Ten Unique Wedding Favor Ideas!

The vibrancy of the Indian weddings along with their glittering spectacles are grand. The defining moment arrives when the hosts hand over the wedding favors. The mere mention of the word brings anxiety and perspiration. Wedding favors. These gifts are usually associated with the guests and finally make them believe that they had a good […]