5 Bridal Blouse Stores for Every Bride’s Dream Ensemble

Searching for the ideal bridal blouse to complement your wedding ensemble? Look no further! Here are five bridal blouse stores renowned for their exquisite designs and craftsmanship, guaranteed to make your special day even more memorable. Store no. 6 By Srotoswini Majumdar Bhanja Worldwide shipping Official website Store no. 6 is a blend of tradition […]

Essential Pre-Wedding Skincare Tips for Grooms

Preparing for your wedding day involves more than just choosing the right attire and venue; it’s about feeling confident and looking your best from head to toe. While much attention is often placed on the bride’s skincare regimen, grooms too deserve to shine with healthy, glowing skin as they stand at the altar. Here are […]


10 Floral Hairstyles to Blossom at Your Haldi Celebration

You’re all set to shine on your haldi day, adorned with delicate floral jewellery that perfectly complements your outfit. But wait, why stop there? Why not let your hair join in the floral fun too? Imagine the endless possibilities for mixing and matching flowers with your attire, creating a look that’s uniquely you. So, let’s […]

5 Lesser Known Wedding Destinations in India Under 10 Lakhs

While iconic wedding destinations like Jaipur, Udaipur, Jodhpur, Goa, and Himachal are popular choices, India boasts many charming spots perfect for tying the knot. With a budget of 10 lakhs, you can still have a lovely destination wedding. Explore more affordable venues to make your dream wedding come true. Here are five such wedding destinations […]

5 Trending Wedding Decor Themes in 2024

Let’s dive into the latest trends shaping wedding decor themes in 2024. From whimsical forest themes to vibrant carnival setups, couples are embracing creative concepts to personalise their celebrations. Join us as we explore the most trending wedding decor themes taking the spotlight.  Boho Minimalism Bohemian minimalism is the fresh trend in Indian wedding decor, […]

Tips for Managing Finances as a Newly Married Couple

Marriage isn’t just about love; it’s also about joining your lives, including your money. After tying the knot, handling finances becomes super important for building a solid future together. Let’s dive into some simple tips for newlyweds to manage their money wisely. The Money Talk First things first, let’s have the money talk. It’s crucial […]

Destination Wedding Favour Ideas 

When it comes to a destination wedding, every detail should reflect the theme and enhance the experience for your guests. That includes the favours you choose! Not only should they be a thoughtful gesture, but they should also be fitting for the destination. Here are some fabulous favour ideas tailored specifically for your destination wedding. […]

6 Must-Have Footwear for an Indian Bride

Finding the perfect pair of shoes for your wedding day can be just as important as finding the perfect dress. From traditional ceremonies to modern celebrations, the right footwear not only complements your bridal look but also ensures comfort as you dance the night away. Let’s explore some must-have footwear options for brides that strike […]

Top 5 Brands for Artificial Bridal Jewellery

Want that designer jewellery set worn by your favourite celebrity? Well, we all do but don’t have the budget for it. But there’s still a way. With a myriad of designs ranging from traditional to modern, artificial bridal jewellery offers you the opportunity to adorn themselves in beauty without breaking the bank. Here are some […]

Destination Wedding Photography Tips for Couples

Your destination wedding is a once-in-a-lifetime event, it requires careful planning and execution. One of the most crucial decisions you’ll make is selecting the right destination wedding photographer to capture every magical moment. Here are some tips for couples to make the most out of it. Proper Research First step is always a proper research. […]

Creative DIY Wedding Decor Ideas

Planning a wedding can be both exciting and daunting, but one of the most rewarding aspects is creating your own decor. DIY wedding decor not only adds a personal touch to your special day but also allows you to unleash your creativity without breaking the bank. Here are some simple yet stylish ideas to inspire […]

Sweet and Savory Edible Wedding Favour Ideas

Selecting the perfect wedding favour treats is an art that combines tradition with creativity. Among the myriad options available, edible delights stand out as timeless classics, offering a blend of sweet and savoury indulgences that guests treasure long after the festivities. Assorted Sweets Celebrate your big day with assorted sweets, a classic and delightful wedding […]

Choosing the Perfect Bridal Jewellery Set

Selecting the ideal bridal jewellery set is an important part of completing the bride’s wedding ensemble. Each piece contributes to the overall aesthetic, complementing the attire and reflecting the bride’s personal style. Here are some valuable insights to help brides-to-be choose the perfect bridal jewellery set. Consider the Wedding Attire  The bridal jewellery set should […]

Sherwani Inspiration from Bollywood Grooms

In the colorful world of Indian weddings, what the groom wears is a big deal! And one outfit that’s super special is the sherwani. But not just any sherwani – we’re talking about the one inspired by Bollywood grooms. From the silver screens to real-life celebrations, Bollywood grooms have been setting trends and stealing hearts […]

DIY Bridal Makeup Tips for a Stunning Wedding Day Look

Your wedding day is one of the most special moments in your life, and as a bride, you want to look and feel your absolute best. While many brides opt for professional makeup artists, doing your own makeup can be a rewarding and budget-friendly choice, allowing you to showcase your personal style and preferences. With […]

Timeline For Creating a Wedding Album

Crafting a wedding album requires careful planning and attention to detail. From the initial consultations to the final delivery, each step in the process contributes to immortalising cherished memories. Let’s delve into the structured timeline that guides the creation of a wedding album. Pre-Wedding Rituals Pre-wedding rituals add up to a comprehensive representation of the […]

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