7 Tips For Camera Shy Couples!

Wedding moments are special for every couple as these are the best memories of their life. To make every moments a memorable one who will not want to capture them so that such moments remain closer to their hearts whole life. And photographs are the best way to keep your moment alive forever that defines […]

Cute Kids At Weddings Stole Our Heart!!!

Kids at wedding sounds so childish! yet a wonderful experience to share your occasion with. As Childhood is that phase of life that is missed by everyone. There may be no one who is not inspired by his/her childhood since this phase leaves magical impression on them. Kids may not be so sincere but they […]

Your Wedding Saviour, Vasansi !!!

We witness year after year, how a complete family – Bride, mother, father, bridesmaid, friend, cousin – full party gets together and hails to Jaipur, To us. They come to adorn their lovely child, the apple of their heart, the BRIDE. And for the whole nine yards. Sneaking in a mini vacation alongside, the only […]

Abhinav Mishra Launches First Bridal Collection, An Untold Story!

An Untold Story is Abhinav Mishra’s first ever Bridal collection, a visual interpretation of the wedding of his dreams. As a child, Abhinav was always fascinated with the minute details of a wedding, especially the demure bride; the glimmer in her eyes, the clinking bangles, hands fragrant and decorated with Mehendi.  An Untold Story was inspired by […]

5 Ways To Create Your Wedding Hashtags#

In order, not to miss any moment of your memorable day, hashtags are quite unique and best way to secure remembrance of this candid moment. Wedding hashtags are the cool digital addition to the traditional weddings with a sober purpose making it simple and easier for everyone, including the guests and the couple, to share […]

These Cute Umbrellas Are Just Replacing Phoolo Ki Chadar !!!

It is quite unique to have a cute umbrella for a bridal entry since this moment is so special that it should become the most memorable moment of your life as you are gradually heading towards a brand new life. The umbrellas look so exquisite that they are replacing phoolo ki chadar adding a WOW […]

10 Mehndi Favours For Your Bride Maids !!!

The mehndi ceremony is a colourful and joyful event of wedding. Just like your function, to make your mehndi favours colourful and quirky, you need to be creative and something that your guests will remember your mehndi ceremony forever. The gesture of acknowledgement to show your appreciation to your guests for making their immense presence on your […]

Things To Be Packed In Bridal Emergency Kit !!!

Bride you must have been planning and preparing for your wedding for so long. But still sometimes some contingencies are there which are most probable. They are inevitable and requires a special attention. No matter how detailed your day-of itinerary gets, wedding day hiccups are bound to happen. And that’s where this handy little kit […]

Couple Poses To Rock On Instagram !!!

Love is composed of a single soul inhabiting two bodies is true saying as you can how these couples depicting their love over insta. Their poses are the proof of this that the Love is friendship that caught fire. You will get moved by their adorable and amazing poses. Just blow in the colours of […]

7 Colours For Our Grooms They Can Experiment With

While it comes to wedding Grooms feel equal pressure in selecting their outfit for their big day. Since wedding happen once in a lifetime, like bride, grooms also want to make this day a special one by getting experimental not with the outfits only but with colours as well. One of the most important decisions […]

Hairstyles For Lazy Bridesmaids!!!

It’s an unsaid fact that if there is anyone who is going to upstage everyone at a wedding, it’ll be the bridesmaid. Bridesmaids are the ones who make the heads turn and set a fashion statement that keeps everyone talking about. With stylish clothes and makeup on point; if there is one thing which accentuate […]

Breath-Taking Theme Ideas For your Big Day

Weddings, unquestionably, are the most memorable occasions of people’s lives. You might have already planned on setting your wedding function in a decorative and fancy theme. Not yet? No worries, we will help you out! Hosting a picture-perfect wedding celebration begins with a suitable theme setting. A carefully chosen wedding theme will make your marriage […]

Makeup ! Aakansha Singhal First Love Since Childhood !!

Aakansha Singhal is a well-known name among one of India’s most sought-after makeup artist. An MBA grad who is famous for makeup, fashion & fitness and her sense of breathtaking make ups skills and keen eye of detailing are impeccable. She is a freelance makeup artist with social conscious is what she like to describe […]

Signature Board On Your Wedding Day Which Are Out Of The Box

Signature boards: Make it memorable Signature Boards are a lovely way of keeping alive the best moments of your life as couples with a very personal memory of your special wedding day. Messages of goodwill, congratulations and joviality are all written on the wedding signature board which bring back happy memories for years to come. It’s […]

Must Visit Aug Exhibitions!

We are here again with a wish list of every bride 🙂  yes, wish list as the months of shopping has all the luxury brands in the must visit event list of Delhi NRC, so all shopaholic Brides and their families mark your calendar for must visit Delhi exhibitions happening in August, these exhibitions have […]

10 Bite Size Wedding Food Items!!!

With different flavours adding more enjoyment to different stages of wedding, we have come up with a list of most interesting, cool and trending bite size food items. Wedding is all about delicious and fabulous food items. It is the time of wedding and interesting food is not served is impossible talk to even think […]

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