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    2 User Reviews For Pakhi Makeup Artist

    • Reviewer
      Reviewed by Shreya Ghoshal
      On 12 Aug 2016

      If I can put pakhi’s work in one word it’d be “SPECTACULAR “. I got to know about pakhi via my brother as they’re both friends. He used to tell me how great is her work and coming from a guy that seemed a bit odd in the first place. Still I paid her a visit and I was blown off with her work. she gave me a makeover before my friend’s engagement and I couldn’t be more thankful and grateful to her.

    • Reviewer
      Reviewed by Vanshika Srivastava
      On 29 Jul 2016

      They have some truly inventive and stunning hairstyling thoughts and I go gaga for my hair each time I complete a treatment by them. I would doubtlessly prescribe them. Keep up the incredible work!