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    3 User Reviews For Telon

    • Reviewer
      Reviewed by Virat Shah
      On 21 Nov 2016

      Go to telon only if you want to be taken for granted. Some employee called 'roop ji' was extremely rude to us upon inquiring as to why the promised delivery date was missed. Knowing that I was in a tough spot with just days away for my wedding, he asked me to go get my clothes done from somewhere else if I wish. This is after advance payment was made, and rather mockingly acting as if he was too busy to entertain us.

      It was shocking since the sales man was a charm to deal with, they are really nice to you when selling you clothes but once they know the sale has been made, they couldn't give lesser of a shit about you.

      Im getting a ready-made backup outfit done from another store, it's going to cost me 40k , uselessly! Wish i had gone with someone else in the first place.
      Do NOT buy from telon EVER!

    • Reviewer
      Reviewed by Nitin Singhal
      On 14 Oct 2015

      When my brother is looking for the best wedding collection for his marriage, I suggested him Telon and he is extremely happy with that.

    • Reviewer
      Reviewed by Asif Ali
      On 05 Oct 2015

      It will really be a good choice if you visit Telon and buy special collections for men's wedding.