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    1 User Review For Sno Super Speciality Clinic

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      Reviewed by Carol Paisley
      On 30 Mar 2016

      I recently had face lift, neck lift and upper & lower eye surgery. Dr. J***** placed lower eyelid incisions WELL BELOW my eyelashes so these gashes are PROMINENT and extremely VISIBLE to EVERYONE. I look like a disfigured freak. Neck lift has left me with Large ANGRY RED GASH (not the 1/2 inch incision Dr. J***** told me about). When I was traumatised and complained about bizarre placement of eye incisions, I was called a 'hypochondriac' and told my eyes didn't pass the 'snap test'. This is a BLATANT copout, as NO PLASTIC SURGEON that knows what they are doing would EVER place incisions in this manner.
      I have subsequently gone to see TOP MUMBAI cosmetic surgeon who insured me that the results are 'HORRIFIC' and that clearly the procedures were not done by a 'skilled surgeon'. My life is ruined due to Dr. J***** BOTCHED surgery. What he has done can NOT ever be fixed -- and when I asked for a refund to assist with what revision surgery CAN be done, this clinic no longer responds to my communications.