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    3 User Reviews For Sareen Hair Clinic Pvt Ltd

    • Reviewer
      Reviewed by Sunny
      On 23 Mar 2017

      Things which you should know about this clinic.
      You will never know that who is going to perform procedure.
      Whether he is certified and qualified. They call each other doctor but no one know other person's qualification.

      They charge for package by name of unlimited but better get someone with you for couting the hair graft instead of getting fool.Talk to the doctor before one/two day to get the complete details of him and what will be his plan. How much can be extraced and if there is any other better way.

      They claim for using robotic but actually it is not robotic but all manual efrorts. I don't think that it benefit patient but easier for doctor/technician to perform surgery to extracting graft but they charge it all extra amount from you.

      Like they promised be 3000 graft but actully planted only approx. even less then 1500. Felt that you are robbed. :(I will be sharing my progress whatever drafted but be carefull till that time as the fees which we pay is our hard earn money.

    • Reviewer
      Reviewed by Akansha Tripathi
      On 19 May 2016

      I have heard a lot about sareen Hair clinic as well as Dr. sareen from some of my friends and thus decided to take their popular hair treatment and I must say the herbal treatment worked wonders with my hair.

    • Reviewer
      Reviewed by Shivam Verma
      On 18 May 2016

      I was suffering from some major hair issues including dandruff and greying as well as hairloss and was really worried before my wedding date. A friend suggested Sareen hair clinic and their herbal treatment really helped me. I am a happy bride now!