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    9 User Reviews For Sona Sachdeva Photography

    • Reviewer
      Reviewed by Sapna Thakur
      On 18 Sep 2017

      Like they say a picture is worth a thousand words❤️❤️ Thank you so much for your time, efforts and spectacular work. We just couldn't be more happier with the beautiful pictures we received� We would absolutely recommend Sona Sachdeva to anybody planning a wedding. She is amazingly good and her photos are the best I have ever seen. There are photos that I wouldn't have even imagined were possible and will treasure them forever! Your outstanding work clearly speaks for itself. We wish you every success for future. Cheers to Sona Sachdeva photography and yes Congratulations for getting featured amongst the top 20 photographers..!!! Lots of love

    • Reviewer
      Reviewed by Aditi
      On 18 Jul 2017

      She is really unprofessional and a fraudster. She took Rs. 40,000 from me in advance and assured me that she will cover my engagement and wedding but she didn't covered either of them. Instead of that, she sent some novice photographers who didn't even know how to hold a camera properly. Photographers didn't come on time to cover both the occasions. The tragedy for us didn't end there. It's more than 5 months of my wedding but she hasn't delivered the wedding content (pics and videos) till date. We will file a complaint against her soon and I just thought of informing others about my experience. Beware of such fraudsters , you can get better photographers at a lower price. Thanks !!

    • Reviewer
      Reviewed by Neha
      On 27 Jun 2017

      Please don't hire her. She is completely unprofessional and arrogant. We have paid Rs. 40,000 in advance for covering engagement and wedding functions. The photographers didn't reach the venue on time on both the days. They were really unprofessional. We asked for 3 people but she sent only 2. When we tried to call her, she didn't pick our phone calls. The photographers were missing on most of the important moments (when all the family members and guests were coming on stage, we had to look for the photographers). After the functional, we did 100 calls and then she picked the phone and you will be shocked to read how she responded. The response was "aise hi hota hai, photographers cover kar lenge sab". Is it a joke or what ? If we have paid for 3 people they why the hell did she send 2 people ? We were so frustrated and when we asked her to return our money , she denied it by making different excuses. For wedding , we have booked a different photographer to cover our function. After couple of weeks, we called her to deliver the albums and pics for one function and return our money (after deducting the charges of photographers). Then she said that she will deliver the content only when we will pay the balance amount. Again, we were shocked to hear such a response. She has already spoiled one function and didn't send the photographers to cover the wedding, then how can she ask for the complete payment ? It's more than 4 months but we haven't got our albums and video till date. I really don't want any other bride to have such a horrible experience. So just thought of sharing my views. To my surprise, I found that I'm not the only person with whom she has done this. She has taken advance payment from so many people and then spoiled their wedding occasion completely. Please don't even think of hiring her to cover even a small event. Thanks !

    • Reviewer
      Reviewed by Bhawna
      On 27 May 2017

      She is a wedding spoiler and we had a really bad experience because we committed the mistake of paying 50% amount in advance without knowing her actual identity. At the time of booking, we were told that she has a professional team and they are really good in their work. On our first function, the photographers didn't reach on time. We kept on calling/messaging her but she didn't reply. The photographers reached 2 hours late and then we came to know that the guy who will capture the video is still on his way and it will take more time. Can you imagine all relatives and our friends are waiting but we couldn't do anything for 3-4 hours because the photographers didn't reach on time. All our ceremonies were delayed due to that. On the engagement day, we had the worst experience (it was a nightmare) as we saw that only 1 photographer is there (we asked for 4 : 2 candid 2 video) and when we called her, she didn't pick the call. We called for around 100 times and when she picked the call, she told us that the photographer know his job and he will cover the event (can you imagine how it feels when you get such a response ? and that too when you paid for 4 people instead of 1. Also, can you believe that a single person will be able to cover both video and pictures of guests ?). The tragedy continued even after the engagement. When we asked for the albums and pics, again our phone calls were not attended and we didn't get a single reply from her even after 4 months. Then she told us that it will take time and made excuses. After that we kept on trying again but she didn't pick the call and didn't respond to messages. Then one day She said that she will deliver the content after we will make the remaining payment. Then we realized that she is a fraud and there is something fishy. We paid more than 50% amount in advance without any condition and now when we said that we will make the payment but at least let us verify our content first. You won't believe that it's around 7 months and we didn't get our content till date. Just imagine, if we would have done the remaining payment and then we wouldn't have got anything except few pics(because you can think yourself how much a single person can capture). I'm writing this review to save others and I really don't want you to have the same experience which will spoil your occassion. You can get much better photographers in the market so please don't take your decision in a hurry. She will quote more than 1 lakh and at the last moment, she will act unprofessional(your calls won't be attended, your messages won't be responsed back). I would request everyone who is looking for a photographer for their wedding functions that it's the right time to avoid such photographers and choose better people to cover all the ceremonies. Celebrate your day by capturing special moments with really good photographers available at a lower price !! Thanks.

    • Reviewer
      Reviewed by Kiran
      On 23 May 2017

      She is a big liar and don't know anything about photography, don't hire her. If i could give them half star i will do that. she spoiled my wedding day instead of worrying about the things i should have worry about i have to cry because of her. firstly she is extremely sweet at the time of booking she makes false promises which in the end she could not fulfill. we both agreed on 1 lakh seven thousand for 3 functions(which is a huge amount as she doesn't have any photography skills), this included teaser video of each function and wedding albums of 40, 40, and 50 sheets for 3 functions, candid and traditional photography and traditional videography . she said there will be a team in all the functions and she will come on the wedding day for candid photography. we paid 42 thousand in the first function in advance as she told us that we have to 40% in the beginning, then 40% on the wedding day and 20 percent in the end when we will receive everything from her. so the first function went well. after that we kept on asking for the pictures and videos. she delayed it and gave us the video and album after 3 months almost. then on the wedding day in the morning she messaged us saying she is not coming to cover our wedding. then another shock came there is no team in the for the morning function only one photographer when i asked him why he is only there and why there is no team he replied by saying that he doesn't know anything and sona asked him to go. i told him that we want a videographer also because the morning functions are very important. then i called her repeatedly for almost 2 hours after which she picked my call and started fighting with me by saying that i misbehaved with her team member i told her that i have asked him very politely about everything and i have not misbehave with anyone. she said that "dusra photographer kr lo apko problem h to meri team vapas bhj do" and also she said that i have not made any promise to cover your wedding. then in the end for the wedding function she sent a videographer who doesn't even know how to hold the camera. he was sleeping all the time and there was no team. only one photographer and videographer and one assistant.We have paid 57 thousand but we didn't get our albums and videos. To this she replied by saying that we should have asked her to cover our wedding for free. i suggest everyone not to book this person at all. she is not at all professional and arrogant. after reading all this if you still want to book her then take a chance. you can book a better photographer then her in this amount. thnx.