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      Reviewed by Shreeya Shekar
      On 26 Apr 2018

      I recently got married and had hired Chirmi Weddings for the same. I had the most disappointing experience with this wedding planner and the décor left me in tears. I’m writing down a detailed review below, as I strongly believe that - for every bride, this is possibly the most important day of her life – and I wouldn’t want any other bride to have an unpleasant experience similar to what I did. I am unable to attach pictures here about what was promised versus what was delivered. Happy to share the entire presentation and spreadsheet that the vendor gave to me along with wedding pictures if you DM me. Also, I recommend you do not go by my word only, but also speak to all my other vendors, whose contact information I can share, such as the tent house folks, caterers at all events and the resort owner who were astonished about my choice of wedding decorator/planner. 1. Possibly the most disappointing moment of the wedding was when my “Phoolon Ka Chadar” did not turn up right before I could walk down the aisle. I’m standing there, with my 4 brothers waiting to walk me to the mantap and Bhumika had no answer for why the phoolon ka chadar was absent, “despite”, me constantly emphasizing in every single meeting that this is very special and emotional to me. – forget providing something elaborate, there was no chadar at all! 2. At the cocktail, we had asked for cold pyrotechnics (5 of our friends on each side). For one, the pyrotechnics didn’t go off - Bhumika was standing right there and clueless while her staff was scrambling what to do. Secondly, when one or two pyro did go off, it burnt my fiancé and I because it wasn’t really cold pyro but was normal fireworks, which she expected us to walk under. To this she said – our friends didn’t know how to use them and stood too close – well how about telling them what to do since none of them are really experts?? She claimed that when her staff used them they went off accurately – the truth is they were still hot and burning, my fiancé and I had to ask them to move away from us. 3. We were expecting an elaborate décor of the mantap with lotus, where the vendor had said she would use at least 3000 lotus. But when we later reached out to the florist about what went wrong, he informed us that she had only ordered 600 lotus from me. I have a audio recording of the same conversation. Also, the main chandelier in the mantap does not even have lotus entirely in the tips!!! 5. For the muhurtam, I had clearly discussed that I want all the tiffany chairs to have draping around them and with an elegant bunch of flowers – what I received was every “alternate” chair having draping with no flowers. When I asked the her at the venue about the chairs not having the flowers, I was told that “when your guests sat on the chairs, the flowers fell off” – assuming that alllll my 200 guests sat on chairs and made the flowers fall off (bizzare), why weren’t the fallen flowers on the ground? 6. Also, after a disappointing wedding and cocktail, we clearly didn’t get reasonable answers about what went wrong with the event. For instance, when asked “why the food counters did not have enough orchids?” – we were told it was too windy and they flew off! So we decided to not go ahead with the same vendor for a reception which was going to be held two days later. So on the morning of the day after my wedding, I was anxiously working to find a new vendor instead of feeling happy and relaxed. Thankfully we were able to get someone to work on our reception event in such short notice. My advice: I somewhere feel that it was a huge mistake on my part picking this vendor. So here are some tips from me on how you shouldn’t make the mistakes I did (most of these things are stuff I didn’t keep in mind): 1. Please take time out to verify the number of weddings, their scale that your vendor has organized in the past. Make sure you take time out to speak with at least 5-6 brides/families whose weddings have been organized by the particular vendor to get their reviews. 2. Please take time out to meet the entire production team of the vendor. This was a huge mistake on my part. I do know of other established vendors in Bangalore who have production teams of the size of 12-15 people at least. However, here I only met Bhumika throughout. Although, I suddenly had Niharika (her partner) turn up on the day of the events – who I had no contact/call/interaction with ever earlier. 3. Keep all conversations with the vendor on email and avoid whatsapp. Especially when she wants to send you presentation decks on whatsapp. Also, she’s going to try to rush you into approving her decks, but take your time – read through every single line, every single flower. 4. Ensure the costing sheet is emailed to you instead of having it on drive and being deleted by the vendor later. Thankfully for me, I made a copy and downloaded the same before it was deleted. 5. Also, be wary of the amount of money you pay in advance. Thankfully for me, I had not paid the amount entirely and have held it off. However, I still don’t think the work that was done was worth the money I have already paid.