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    2 User Reviews For Neeta Shankar Photography

    • Reviewer
      Reviewed by bangalorebride
      On 06 Nov 2016

      My husband and I used Neeta Shankar's photography services 2 years ago. Some pros and cons of using this service
      Neeta and her husband are really good photographers.
      The photos delivered are of high quality.
      They turn up on time, take photos professionally without much supervision. The bride really does not have to stress on the most important moments.
      They mingle with the wedding party seamlessly.
      Sadly, the level of professionalism ends here and you meet their alter egos once you pay them for the service

      Here are some cons

      Photos don't get delivered on time. I made the mistake of making the complete payment before delivery so she took several months after to deliver (5 months in my case). Her reasons were that she is busy, out of state, person in charge of making the album is on leave and anything you can think of really. You can't do much since you have made the payment and you don't want to risk losing your most important photos. Tip: pay the advance before the wedding and make the rest of the payment once she delivers the photos, album and DVD. You can pay her based on her service. (Another friend who got married 2 weeks before me had his delivered 7 months later since he doesn't live in india and it was hard to follow up with her)

      The DVD she delivered was loaded more than its capacity so it didn't work, getting her to post another DVD was a different saga. Add one extra month to the already late service. (Mind you there is no apology)

      My husband and I made it clear that we are very private with our personal lives and would appreciate if they don't publicly display the photos of the most special day of our lives. However, on her request, I obliged and was ok for her to use one or two photos for marketing purposes. So, 2 years after the wedding, I ended up Googling mine and my husband’s name only to find all our wedding photos(getting dressed even) open for public. To make it worse, they add the name of the wedding venue so anyone Googling venues in Bangalore have access to your photos ... The list of people googling you can be from recruiters, stalkers, rapists and what not (also she exhibits your jewellery) which makes you a potential target.

      As if this wasn't insulting enough, I contacted her company to remove the photos and her husband Varun pointed me to the Terms and Conditions of their company which states that they are the owners of the photos and it's their right to display or use it however they want.

      What I do not understand is, she is a service provider and she is paid to take photos and deliver. She cannot do anything with my photos against my will (according to her website she can use it even in exhibitions, marketing purposes etc). This is your wedding day, intimate and to be shared with family and friends and not up for promoting her business, unless she is willing you to pay you some of the profits she makes by getting future clients

      Varun also makes it extremely clear that photography is art and it's his right to display your entire wedding album to get potential future clients which is an offence.

      I have issued a legal case against her company. Her terms and conditions breach the law of consumer service in india and Varun for Blackmailing me and using my photos for personal financial gain.

      Of course none of what happens in the background is on her website. I have kept quiet for 2 years but last week Varun Blackmailing me pushed me to the edge

      Please consider every aspect before you sign up for this service. She owning and distributing photos of a private event she was asked to cover is illegal. Make sure you consult with a lawyer (added costs) to check your rights to own your photos. If any of you are going through the same struggle as me, drop your email and I am happy to share ideas or how to take this forward and perhaps file a class action lawsuit

      There are many candid photographers in Bangalore today who are kind and courteous who also deliver excellent photos.My sister used a different service for her wedding and the photographer obliged and didn't put up her photos(unlike Neeta Shankar Photography where you have to pay them 30% more to keep the photos private). I hope you make an informed choice and good luck with finding a professional wedding photographer (not worth enduring this pain for 2 years with Neeta Shankar and Varun

    • Reviewer
      Reviewed by Salman Chugtai
      On 29 Jul 2016

      Delightful setup and astounding video altering is done here. Every one of the photos created are flawless. Extraordinary service provided by them. Exceptionally fulfilling!