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    4 User Reviews For Makeup by Preeya

    • Reviewer
      Reviewed by Janani
      On 21 Jun 2017

      Let me start with this 'It was not my intention to write a negative review but my situation didnt help'. Like every other bride who used to dream abt her big day, I was expecting my big day with so much anticipation, with lots of imaginations on how I would look like. But to know that everything went in vain shakes me even now. I booked Preeya month and a half prior to my wedding(I chose her completely based on her facebook profile for the number of likes for her page). I even read reviews abt her work (particularly her attitude) but still thought that wouldnt matter at all to me if her work was perfect. Every bride will have queries to be clarified.

      Preeya had no patience to even listen to that properly. Fearing that I might loose her service I adhered to what she said. I was concerned abt her attitude and the way she treated my people during my wedding reception still I was quite because I wanted to get the makeup done from her. We discussed a week prior to the wedding on how I should look like. So everything was clear and there were no confusions at all. On my big day, I told her to do a simple look and i wanted to look like myself rather than someone else with the makeup on. 'SHE PAINTED ME BROWN'. She asked me to check the mirror and I did. I told her i look differnt. She said u may not get the complete picture now. Let me finish it. I had no time for redo at all. I was still hoping that she will make me look good. But the final result - 'I looked awkward'. Guys this is the comment I got from everyone (not jus few) - 'I dont look like yourself. The simple makeup that u did on your own looked way better than this makeup'. I didnt want to come out of the room to face people. I felt very conscious and hurt with the weired looks I received. Even now when i look at the pics i get very depressed and wish I could have done the makeup myself. I spent 28k and all went in vain. I have all the rights to share the feedback i received from people for the makeup that was done on me. But the kind of reply I got from her devastated me. I did mention that my inlaws are yelling at me for paying this much money and they are asking me to get a refund. (Just mentioned). She says that I'm playing tricks to get the refund and this is the kind of response I got from her :13/06/17, 11:05 PM - ‪ 91 97400 77778‬: Let this be a last message from you janani, 13/06/17, 11:05 PM - ‪ 91 97400 77778‬: Your not happy is not my concern anymore. No discount was offered really because her price is 25k travel allowance (which she claims that she herself has reduced the price from 30k to 25k. She certainly didnt offer any discount). All my hard earned money went for a toss and only disappointments left. God is thr and she will be answerable for that. My review may not make a big difference because she will anyway get business but I really have to lessen the burden that has developed inside me. Atleast future brides-to-be may not have to suffer the same thing I went through. If you are ready to pay so much and bear with her attitude and get normal work done, please go ahead and book her. God be with everyone!

    • Reviewer
      Reviewed by Neethi Raj
      On 19 Dec 2016

      I was tremendously affected by Preeya's lack of responsibility, lack of commitment and poor communication during my wedding event.
      She made me pay an advance amount of rupees 7000( non refundable)in order to block a date (2 months prior to the wedding date). Once the payment was done, no calls, texts or emails were attended by her. She did not have the basic courtesy to acknowledge even after making several attempts. This is absolutely unacceptable during the biggest event of my life.
      Preeya, you caused a lot of unwanted stress and being a bride, I didn't have to go through this.
      At last, I was fortunate enough to get another artist just 10 days before my wedding date.
      Preeya, I basically payed rupees 7000 for nothing but just to talk to you twice for less than 10mins.

    • Reviewer
      Reviewed by Maithri
      On 09 Aug 2016

      Preeya is good in doing makeup but very bad in meeting the commitments. I was one of her brides for whom she never gave time to discuss nor makeup trial. She only was concerned about the advance money before she could even discuss anything with me. She takes 25% of whatever makeup you commit in advance and then if she has time talks to you. if no time then you have to meet her only on your wedding day or whatever event you have committed. On my reception day she arrived late at 6.30 pm instead of committed time 4.00 pm for a reception which was about to start at 7.30 pm. She got me ready by 7.45 pm but this delayed my mom's makeup session and the pre-reception photo shoot. Photographs are the one which bring our memories in front of us, because of delayed makeup session , I have to only keep my memories in my thoughts. When I questioned about the delay , I got to know that she had accepted two makeup sessions for two receptions held on same day and same time. These people do business in such a way that they have forgotten the basic business ethics and blame saying that they have informed everything before which they had never informed. Please verify each and everything properly before committing to such makeup artists.

    • Reviewer
      Reviewed by Siddharth Dhariwal
      On 20 Jul 2016

      I really loved Preeya’s work cause of the subtle makeup which she applied on my sister-in-law unlike the other salon which tend to do really loud makeup. She was looking like a diva on her wedding reception.