Secrets of Gorgeous Bridal Makeup!

Regardless of what kind of look you opt for, a Bridal makeup should first and fore-most last longer, and secondly it should look good on you.

Although your makeup artist would be aware of all these things, still its always a good idea to know. Here are some tips that are very useful for a longer lasting bridal makeup, and the one that will make you glow for the picture-perfect look!


  1. Do your eye makeup first:  If you first do the face and then eyes, you lean all over the face while applying the eye shadow and so on, spoiling your face bridal face makeup.
  2. Liquid-based or creamy eye-shadows:  Using them would let the makeup last longer.
  3. Color Placement: Apply deeper color on the eye-lids and lighter shade on the brow bone. You can use flattering neutral colors to contour and highlight your eyes.
  4. Water-proof eye-liner and Mascara : it’s a must for a perfect and intact look that will not wear off soon.
  5. Fake eye-lashes : If you want to put on fake eye-lashes then curl them along with your real lashes and apply mascara after putting them on.



  1. Moisten your lips: For that perfect pout start with putting on some lip-balm on your lips and wiping it off with a clean tissue for moistening them so that the color stays longer.
  2. Contour: Next contour with a lip-liner or pencil in a complementary color of the lip-color.It is essential to follow the natural line of your lips.
  3. Color: Choose a lip color in warm, moderately light shades, like Roses, pinks, peach and reds as they look perfect in photos.
  4. Long lasting: Choose for a long lasting lip color, though these have a dry effect on your lips but the color stays intact for a very long time.



  1. Cleaning-Toning-Moisturizing: Before starting your bridal make-up wash your face clean with cold water and apply some toner.
  2. Priming your face: Make sure you apply primer under foundation. It moisturizes the skin and smoothens it for foundation to glide easily giving it an even color on the face.
  3. Foundation and Concealer application: Choose a foundation that matches your skin tone. Use a concealer for Acne marks and under-eye circles.
  4. Setting makeup: Set the concealer and foundation with a face-powder that doesn’t give you cakey result, apply a loose powder for better result.
  5. Highlighting: For classic Indian bridal makeup, apply a highlighter to your cheek-bones to get that glittery look, and apply the universally flattering blush “Peachy pink color” on the apple of your cheeks to bring more life to your face to give the final touch to your beautiful bridal face!


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  • Mainka Roy October 14, 2013

    Bride is alwz the “Showstopper”.These days, the trend is not to do very heavy make up. According to me, the bride looks more pretty when she puts a make up which gives a very naturalistic look, yet looking very gorgeous.

  • Dipika Singh October 19, 2013

    What enhances girl’s features is the right make-up. Since, the eyes of all the relatives and the people are on the bride, she definitely wants to look the best and what really can help her is the perfect make-up. Very basic and important tips mentioned above. Every bride should keep these in mind.

  • Saumyta Dikshit November 2, 2013

    I really liked your article. I am really very scared regarding the make up for my wedding. I’ll surely keep all the above points in mind while letting my make-up girl do my make-up. Thanks alot for the nice suggestions.

  • Ritika Jain November 23, 2013

    I am a very simple girl and have never done make up. So, I am seeking for such articles these days so that I don’t make any flaw on my wedding. Thank you so much for sharing your views. I am sure it will be a great help. 🙂

  • SHIKHA TALUKDAR January 21, 2014

    Every bride wants to look glamorous on her wedding which majorly depends on the make-up she has put in. A perfect and decent make-up always makes her look so pretty. the tips given here can be followed for part makeup also. i like them.

  • soniya sharma January 21, 2014

    Some people think that bride should put in hell lot of make-up and jewelry to look good but its a big no no these days. Now, a decent make-up and simplicity is what is being praised the most.

  • Soumen Acharjya April 11, 2015

    A bridal make up includes different matters and the make up of eyes, lips and skin needs an expert for a better outcome. This article has all the necessary tips. Thanks to the author.

  • Surabhi July 1, 2015

    Great article…Every girl must read this one..Especially who are interested in makeup and all..

  • Tripti July 10, 2015

    Nice article!

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