Planning Your Honeymoon – 5 Things To Remember!

Honeymoon – The most awaited trip after marriage! Planning your honeymoon can be lengthy and stressful task for any couple; where to go, when to go, when to start planning etc…but remember, this is not the one and only vacation you’re going to spend with your spouse, so being flexible is the key to have a happy and comfortable time. While others fret over what to consider and what not, here is a quick 5 point list for you to remember…

Budget it well

Budgets vary from couple to couple depending on their financial situation, choice of venue, mode of travel etc. Being cost-effective is the best way to be in the budget and to have a pleasurable trip. So instead of going for a 2 weeks honeymoon, you can reduce the expenses by planning one week’s or ten day vacation.

Where to go?

One destination or multiple destinations, one of the best idea is to Travel during off season, since it guarantees less people vacationing which would save you a lot of money and also let you spend quality and peaceful time with each other, away from the hustle bustle.

Plan Ahead

Start as early as possible. Scheduled flights can only be confirmed 11 months in advance; but generally, people book six to eight months in advance. Be familiar with the geography of that place by studying out maps or finding more about your honeymoon destination from the internet such as fine dining places, sightseeing areas, recreational centers. Waiting until the last minute can leave you paying higher prices or not being able to get what you want. Get your Passport, Visa, and Tickets ready before hand.

Pack your Bags

Be precise in what you take on the Honey moon with you; classify the clothing into categories like nightwear, casuals, and party-wear. Remember, it is not just any other vacation but your honeymoon, be prepared in advance and under all circumstances avoid the last minute packing, which can result in leaving out things which are important in your luggage.

Plan the activities together

Do not panic if you have not planned the whole trip before-hand, try to relax and focus only on having a great time with your partner. Trying things that are immediately available and spontaneous may bring out equal fervor. The key is to let things go with the flow and not to waste the precious time on stressing or fretting. Spending quality time with each-other, holding hands, or dancing on a melodious song are the simple things that can also promise loads of pleasure & happiness.


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    Honeymoon should be planned with the mutual discussions of both the partners keeping in mind all the likes and dislikes of each other.

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