How To Add “Spark” In Your Relationship

Relationships are very fragile, if not watered continuously with the water of love, care and understanding, they might just dry up, leaving you feeling sorry. Its very important for us to make sure that the bond we share with our loved one is always full of life and enthusiasm.

Sometimes it might seem tough looking at our responsibilities, hectic life styles, time issues etc, but a little extra effort in that direction just might work wonders. Here are few of the expert tips you could follow to add spark in your relationship

1. Communicate:- Find time to talk to each other, share your everyday experience, try to involve both of you in taking any decision, because when you are in a relation it’s not all about one being dependent on another, it’s about helping each other. A well communicated couple is sure to enjoy each other’s company forever.

2. ‘Us’ not Me:- In a relation, it is not always about “Me”, it is more about “Us”. Understanding each other’s need plays a crucial role to sustain a relationship. Give each other enough space and compromising a bit won’t hurt.

3. Connect Physically:- With the hectic lifestyle we often tend to overlook the importance of physical relationship in our life. It definitely plays a vital role in adding the spark to your relation. It not only helps you connect emotionally, but also lets you become more intimate with your partner. Being physically close to each other would certainly make you happy and add the quality in your relation. At time a simple hug or holding hands with affection can bond you more with your partner than anything else.

4. Take a trip :- Go out on a short trip to out of town on weekends or go on a long vacation with your partner from the hustle and bustle of the city life. These outings help in spending good quality time and exploring and rediscovering yourselves.

5. Leave small Notes or Gifts:- Surprise your partner by leaving small notes of ‘I love you’ or ‘you are the best’ or ‘thanks for being in my life’ under the pillow or next to ur bathroom sink or on the fridge or dining table. These will not only bring a smile on their face but will also help you strengthen the bond you have.

6. Select a Day:- Select a weekday when both of you will do something that you enjoy doing together. Whether its watching a movie or having a dinner or taking a walk in park or playing games like cards or battleship. The idea is to spend quality time with each other and enjoy each other’s company.

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  • Smrity Vibhav October 6, 2013

    The major reason why we lost that love factor in our relationship is the “U” and “Me” problem. When this “U” and “Me” changes into “Us” and we start giving each other respect, 99% of the problem just vanish.

  • smita gupta October 10, 2013

    hey dse tips r realy very nyc… i’ll surely try n implement dse… m sure some of dse tips along wid my innovation vil come out 2 be a grate fruitful lyf wid my partner…!!! 😀

  • Deepshikha Mukherjee October 20, 2013

    Keep communicating and discussing. It is a best way to maintain a healthy and sweet relationship.

  • Vaibhav Gulati October 29, 2013

    Every relation faces issues at one point or the other but to keep your relationship healthy, its very important to keep a spark in it by doing small-2 efforts which make your partner feel happy and comfortable. Above mentioned points are really good.

  • Radhika Shikhawat November 16, 2013

    Very important Do’s n Don’ts in a relationship…!!!
    I really liked the blog. Every relationship faces issues sometime or the other but if we really follow what is written above, we can maintain the relationship in the best way.

  • Abhimanyu Sharma November 22, 2013

    Keep giving small surprises in short span of time. It will maintain the excitement in the relationship.

  • Eshant Sharma November 23, 2013

    Communication is the best way to get over the tiny issues in relationships. So always face the problems and try to solve it by discussing rather then avoiding.

  • Lithika Sachdeva January 21, 2014

    The word ‘I’ or ‘Me’ is the biggest enemy of a strong relationship. If you can’t think about ‘Us’ you can never pursue the relationship smoothly.Well said!

  • LUKESH SAHU January 21, 2014

    Give each other time, communicate, spend your weekends together – the best mantra for a cool and happening relationship.

  • Pinky July 1, 2015

    This is a great way to add a ‘spark’ in your relationship….Very useful tips.

  • vandana September 25, 2015

    I think these ideas are good but my husband is not interested with all these as i had try all of them in past

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