6 Sensual & Alluring Back Designs for the Modern Bride!

The limelight of a wedding is on the bride and why not! Every bride cuts a pretty picture on her big day. Make up, jewellery and months of arrangements make her look like a princess out of the fairytale. Wondering what are the best designs for the back of your blouse… Worry not now.. We say, do add a tad bit of boldness to your bridal look on your big day! How? We give you just the way to do it with our sensual, daring and modern back designs. They are unique, flaunt your sexy back and make a shy bride look completely modern!


1. Head turning Inverted V cut

Inverted v-cut.weddingplzThis design is a delight to wear and watch. A very unique cut which features a broad strap with hooks and an inverted V underneath the small “U” shaped backline. This back design highlights your shoulder blades and plunges the blouse end really deep without making it too obvious.

Tip: Stick-on or a halter brassiere will go well with this cut.


2. Backless Reinvented

Backless.weddingplzBackless has been in for a long time now but why keep repeating the same old design in an old way. Re-invent it and make it bold and sensual with this blouse which flaunts sleeveless design and a beaded chandelier design on a dori that adorns the lower end of the blouse. Between the fabric and dori your sexy back enjoys all the glory.

Tip: Wax your back and use some primer and base to make the colour tone look uniform all the way.


3. Sheer Back

Sheer back.weddingplzSheer spells sheer finesse and we recommend it for the blushing yet fashionable bride. This blouse covers your back without really covering it! The leaf shaped cut adds the much needed drama to your blouse. Make sure that the outlines of your blouse are highlighted with sequins and lace.

Tip: Wear a stick on Brassiere and add some motifs to elevate the look of sheer.


4. Bow Down style

Bow Down.weddingplzThis is a completely modern and unique take on halter neckline. Instead of an over abused dori or a simple lace, fasten it with a big bow that stands out. This design is “Indian blouse meets Victorian cut” which brings the entire focus on the sexy back. It is most ideal wear on sarees that are delicate and do not have a super hefty work.

Tip: Wear a strapless brassiere with this blouse. Make sure that the work along border is not very heavy otherwise the look will become quite clumsy. You may also opt for hooked-in readymade bow.


5. Daring yet Elegant Cut work Blouse

Cut work style.weddingplzThis design looks absolutely elegant with plenty of exquisite embroidery and gold thread work. Enhance the opulent appeal of this blouse with stone work embellishments and motifs.  This look works best with heavily worked blouses and lighter sarees.

Tips: Opt for a strapless or halter brassiere with this blouse.


6. No Necklines, only Patch work

Patch work style.weddingplzA lot of oomph and glamour comes packed in this number as the unabashed bride makes the grand entry. This back is a perfect balance of hiding some and showing some. The patch lace detailing is extremely unique and is definitely a head turning addition! With straps on the sides holding the design patch in place, this blouse is also a safe bet when you are to attend various ceremonies during the wedding. Moreover you can make this lace as ornamental as you want and as muted as desired. A perfect choice in design for the modern bride!

Tip: Get this one made with in-built cups so that you do not have to wear Brassiere.

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