Selecting Wedding Jewellery : 5 Things To Keep In Mind

Things to keep in mind while selecting your wedding Jewellery

That special day is here and you want to look just perfect! After days, months or even years of dreaming about your wedding attire, there is one more task which is as important and that is the selection of your wedding jewelry.

The jewelry you would wear should echo the style of dress that you are going to wear, be it traditional, modern, simple, or contemporary.

Let us help you with some important things to keep in mind while selecting your wedding jewelry to go along with your wedding lehnga, saree, suit or gown…whichever you are planning to wear..

Color of the Dress

This is a major deciding factor for the choice of your bridal jewelry. The jewelry can either be in contrast or matching with the complete attire depending upon the color of the beading or lace on the garment. The Style, Pattern, and design are the major premise for deciding your accessories.

As far as my experience goes, I would suggest a contrast, i.e. choosing the less prevalent color in your dress and matching your jewelry with it , to give you a catchy and beautiful look!


Work’ on the Dress

1) Let’s say for traditional wedding attire you must never opt for modern edgy accessories like geometric necklace or smaller earrings and so on.

2) If your dress has Gems like Pearls, Stones, Sequins, then their color and design have to be kept in mind before picking out the jewelry.


Neckline of the Dress

1) Choker necklaces or wide necklaces go perfectly well with Deep necklines, while for higher necklines gorgeous head-pieces and chandelier earrings would suit well.

2) V-neck or sweet-heart neck would look great with a V-shaped or Y-shaped necklace that comes down to a drop.
3) For dresses which are strapless it is most suitable to focus on neck-wears and Arm-bracelets to give them a greater appeal.

Design & Pattern of Dress

1) Necklaces, Bangles, Rings, Anklets, Nose-rings and Earrings that matches closely with the design of the wedding attire are best option.

2) If the Pattern of the Wedding dress clashes with the jewelry then it would appear nothing but stuffy, so prioritize whether you want a flashy jewelry for plain dress, or plain jewelry for flashy wedding attire.

3) If you’re wearing your hair down be careful of any dangling types getting caught up in your hair.

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  • sanchi rathore November 12, 2013

    What n awsom blog it is..!!! very nicely explained the type of jewellery u must choose according to ur dress, ur body figure n ur colour complexion.
    Would be bride’s must read it once before buying d lewellery 4 ur wedding dress…

  • Aarohi Singh November 26, 2013

    I think wearing gold gives a very traditional look and these days oxidized gold is very much in fashion as well. It gives a very royal look. So I would like to wear something of this type on my wedding.

  • Roshni November 30, 2013

    The type of bride’s jewelry majorly depends on the outfit the bride is wearing and the neckline she has used. Liked this article a lot.

  • Sanchita December 20, 2013

    Jewelry is one of the major things which gets focused when the bride enters. According to me, before choosing the jewelry, the major thing should be kept in mind is the neckline of the dress.

  • Ishika December 26, 2013

    Accessories are one of the most essential requirements without which a bride’s attire is not complete. So to look the best, the accessories according to your dress, complexion and all should be kept in mind.

  • Jhilmil June 29, 2015

    Perfect suggestions for a perfect bride look.!

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