5 Signs You Are Ready For Marriage!

Planning to get married? Thinking of how to prepare for ur wedding… ‘Marriage’ the name itself is associated with so many feelings. It makes people feel loved and cared, safe and secure, loyal and committed but somehow its irreversible nature gives feeling of fear, anxiety and phobia to many. If you are planning for a wedding and going through all such feelings, double-check the below given parameters to assure that you are ready to hear the wedding bells. Marry only if –


1.  You are glad to take care of someone with all your heart. – Emotional bond is the strongest bond in any relationship and when it’s about marriage it works as the invisible cord that keep the two persons together in all the ups & downs of life. Giving priority to the other person and his/her likings and taking care of the emotions describes the success of marriage. So if you are willing to take care of someone’s emotions over yourself, you are ready for the marriageEmotionally’.


2. You are ready to give up your freedom for someone who is doing the same for you. – We do say that give space in relationship. But we do take space by default. We do take space in each others’ room and life knowingly-unknowingly. And the possessiveness overpowers freedom…freedom to go somewhere with friends, freedom to wear our choice dresses, freedom to burp & fart, freedom to eat anything we want, freedom to reach home at midnight or may be spending night at friend’s place. Marriage makes you liable to answer all the questions of your better-half which you never did in singlehood. So, if you are no more concerned about freedom, you are ready for the marriageMentally’

Mentally ready for marriage.weddingplz


3. You are all set to accept the changes in life. – Earlier child marriages were prevalent as it is easy to accept and adjust unknowingly in teen age when person does not have pre-mindset for anything. But these days marriages are done when person is mature enough to accept and adjust willingly as it results in better understanding among the couple. So if you are well prepared to admire the changes, you are ready for the marriagePsychologically’.

Psychologically ready for marriage.weddingplz

4. You are willing to make love not sex. – Marriage is association of two persons mentally, socially, psychologically, emotionally and physically. One should not do marriage to fulfil the physical needs of the body rather it should be done when person is physically prepared to make love with the partner and be loyal for it. So if you are accepting to loyally fall in love with someone, you are ready for the marriagePhysically’.

Physically ready for marriage.weddingplz


5. You are prepared to be committed to someone publicly. – Wedding is a ceremony to announce the relationship publicly and make it legal in front of the society. Affair is considered as illegal in Indian society as it is not a public commitment, though the two persons in relationship are committed to each other. So if you are ready to lose all the hopes of getting any hot chick or handsome hunk in your life for ‘the one’, you are ready for the marriageSocially’.


To make sure a successful marriage, conform to all the five parameters i.e. Mental, Social, Psychological, Physical & Emotional and get ready to hear the wedding bells.

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  • Shubhangi June 6, 2015

    Seriously!That is so damn true.Please come up with more such blogs.Your blogs are really awesome.

  • Fiza Sheen Reyasat June 22, 2015

    very valid and authentic sign… 🙂

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