10 Tips to Keep in Mind While Going for Wedding Shopping!

With the commencement of wedding season we are sure many soon-to-be brides must be feeling jittery, planning everything for their Big Day! The list is never-ending but to make things a bit easier we have some essential tips that will guide you while you step out for your wedding shopping. Keep these simple tips in mind and we are sure you will be the most beautiful bride.


1. Be Proactive and Start Early

Start Early.weddingplzWedding is usually a 3-4 days event of rituals but it calls for endless preparations and shopping. If you are choosy and don’t want to end up adjusting with the choices of others, then, start planning everything at least 6 to 8 months before. It’s not just about your dress or make-up, it’s also about your wedding card, the decorations, theme, music etc.


2. Do a Thorough Online Research

Online Research.weddingplzSometimes it gets really confusing when you have so many options for everything you are planning for your wedding. It’s very important to be clear in mind what exactly you want for your D-Day. Search online to get some ideas on your wedding dress, appropriate make-up, suitable jewelry designs, footwear, mehendi and even the decoration ideas. A good online research will not only save your time but also your effort.


3. Keep the Venue, Season and Time in Mind

Venue.weddingplzSweat, uneasiness and melting make-up can spoil everything no matter how beautiful your dress is. If the wedding hall is air-conditioned you can go for heavy outfit but if the location is outdoors then avoid wearing layers and go for lighter fabrics.


4. Go for an Outfit That Fits You Now

Outfit fitting.weddingplzIt’s often seen that many soon-to-be brides go on a strict diet and exercise regime to look perfect on wedding day and decide to buy a smaller size outfit. Trust me, this won’t help and you will end up struggling fitting in your dress. Remember, it’s your body type and it won’t change completely.


5. Keep Your Budget in Mind

Budget.weddingplzAlthough it’s a personal choice but it’s better to save some money for a fabulous honeymoon rather than spending heavily on what you’ll wear only once. Keep your budget in mind and stick to it. Don’t get lured by discounts and end up buying something that you don’t really like.


6. Don’t Get Influenced by What is Trending Now

Trendy Lehenga.weddingplzWhat is trending now may become outdated tomorrow but traditional colors like magenta, red, royal blue are always best for wedding. Just keep your skin tone and body shape in mind while choosing your outfit.


7. Be Clear About the Jewelry

Jewelry.weddingplzRight jewelry can enhance your look even if the dress is not very heavy or stylish. You need something that compliments your outfit. Apart from the heavy wedding day jewelry, keep some simple sets too for other day time functions and rituals.


8. Choose Your Lingerie Wisely

Lingerie.weddingplzGetting the right lingerie is of paramount importance. Don’t delay the shopping of undergarments as it’s important to get the measurement for your choli or blouse around that lingerie for the perfect fitting. Pick something that is not only sexy but also comfortable.


9. Put Your Best Foot Forward

Footwear.weddingplzFor that perfect fit and comfort all day, its better you carry your favorite pair of shoes along with you so that you can compare the size, design and even the height of heels and pick something that won’t bother you on stage. Remember, happy feet, happy bride!


10. Trust Yourself, Avoid Excess Company


It’s good to have some experienced people to accompany you for your wedding shopping but too many cooks spoil the broth! Bring along a friend who knows you well or two three experienced family members for support, but remember, it’s your big day and you have to finalize things the way you like it. Don’t get influenced and settle for something you personally don’t like.

Keep these simple yet important tips in mind for that hassle free perfect wedding day that you will cherish for life!

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  • Swati May 18, 2015

    The tips given are worth and wise. Will surely follow them and suggest others as well to read and follow.
    Keep Writing such wonderful and helpful blogs.

  • sonali May 19, 2015

    I too think that tip no 4 is very important , girls do on diet n stuffs but one must realize dieting will steel the glow of your skin ..so all the girls out there its better to go gym…n yah so not buy under size clothes cause its your body type it may or may not effect you…and all that matters in marriage is not your weight its the love that will stay forever….

  • Sapna May 22, 2015

    I really needed to know all these tips. My marriage preparations are going on I was so confused from where to start. This article is a great help. Thanks to the writer.

  • farah June 8, 2015

    This is what every family goes through during a wedding season..’where to start from?’…This article is a great help for all those families.Thanks a lot!

  • Annu June 9, 2015

    These tips are really helpful.Everyone needs to know otherwise it becomes really hectic at the end.
    Thanks for providing us with such useful information.

  • Muskan June 11, 2015

    Simple Helpful Clear and precise .kudos to the writer for a the good work !!

  • Faizania July 13, 2015

    This is something very important for any wedding. Be Prepared and be proactive so that you don’t face any problem in the end.

  • Nikita Gupta April 28, 2016

    This list is a life saver for a guy like me who gets jitter when shopping is mentioned. Woah! Thank you guys for such an innovative blog.

  • Sonam Chauhan August 23, 2016

    Great tips but i think you people could have added some more tips and elaborated a bit more. Anyhow still quite handy tips for wedding shopping.

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